Who to ask for a letter of recommendation?

<p>So, correct me if I'm wrong, but supposedly you pretty much have to get a rec from one of your junior teachers. I really only have 1 teacher that I feel really confident in having as writing one, my AP Physics teacher. He was my 7th/8th grade football coach, so he already liked me coming in, and I've been one of the top in his class. Math has always been one of my best subjects, and even though I'm doing well in it this year, my teacher doesn't particularly like me. Though I know she sees my abilities in my grades, and the way that I finish every problem before the rest of the class. I'm not sure if she really would have insight to my personality. My English teacher however absolutely loves me, even though I have a 3.5 in the class, should I ask her? Could I ask my math teacher next year who also had me freshman year, and really loves me, so I get best of both worlds kind of thing, or is it a no-no cuz it's a senior year teacher? Or could I ask one of my varsity coaches for a letter of rec instead? What should I do?</p>

<p>General rule of thumb: 1 math/science rec, 1 english/history rec. You want junior year teachers, but having a teacher who you have both sophomore AND senior year write one works as well. </p>

<p>I would ask your english teacher, even if you don't have an A in the class. I had my math teacher (my worst grades of all of high school) write one of my recs and I got into a pretty competitive school. You want teachers who know and like you to write recs. Even if you're good at math, if the teacher doesn't like you that much then the rec might not be that good. </p>

<p>If you want varsity coaches/non-academic teachers to write recs, then those should be in addition to your other recs.</p>

<p>Choose teachers who like you personally and feel like would put in the effort and have the ability to write a good letter. Even if you weren't the top grades wise, a teacher who really likes you will write a great letter</p>

<p>Alright here is what you need to do for letters of recommendation.
First of all you should get at least three if your struggling to find people and 5 letters would be best case scenario. The best people for you to ask for letters of recommendation are: teachers that like you and did well in there class, teachers whose classes you excelled in but weren't necessarily buddy buddy with, coaches, employers, priests, guidance counselor, or principal. Most of these people should be very easy to get recommendations from. A tip for the teachers that don't necessarily like you just think about it as whether they like you or not its their job to help you succeed so if you did well in there class then you most likely at least earned their respect. Try to get recommendations from department heads or english professors that are good at writing. Really you just want to choose the people you think will write the best letter to make you look good.
MAKE SURE that when your asking for the recommendation you dont just approach the teacher and say hey can write a letter of recommendation. Go prepared, make up a criteria for them to base the letter off of provide them with envelopes because your not suppose to read it, provide a date for them to have it done by with at least 2 weeks notice and if possible email them in advanced.
hope this helps</p>

<p>Ask your english teacher. The teacher recommendation isn't supposed to be about how well you are doing academically in that class. Your transcript already shows that. It is supposed to be about you as a student and your personality and character from an adult's perspective.</p>

<p>Ask your guidance counselor who writes good recs. I went in yesterday to talk about some stuff, and we talked about who would write my recs. As it turns out, my math and english teachers write exceptional recs compared to my other teachers. My english teacher loves me, but my math teacher only kinda likes me (on par with my other teachers), but since he writes a good rec I will ask him to write one for me.</p>

<p>I B+d in physics and got a very strong recommendation from him anyway. (As a humanities major, that was fine.) Also, you should probably only have two, so, English and physics?</p>