Who wants to talk to me about Salve Regina University in Newport RI?

<p>If so i posted a request for info on the " Colleges" forum under the Salve Regina Univ catagory.</p>

<p>We are so interesested in the school and have many questions. who wants to chat about the school?</p>

<p>Any info or insights are welcome. </p>


<p>Salve Regina is not a school that's discussed here often. There are, however, three livejournal communities specifically devoted to SRU. You might be able to get more up-to-date information from people who are actually attend or are familiar with SRU there. Go to <a href="http://www.livejournal.com%5B/url%5D"&gt;www.livejournal.com&lt;/a> and then do an "interest search" for Salve Regina University and the three communities will turn right up. Good luck!</p>

<p>my daughter's friend is a freshman there and LOVES it! </p>

<p>sorry, i don't have more info, but try studentsreview.com</p>

<p>i dont know much about the academics, but its absolutely gorgeous, housed in old mansions, minutes from the beach.</p>

My Daughter is very interested in this school. I cannot argue that the campus is GORGEOUS and probably in a more safe location than most colleges…perhaps because it is small, it is very pricey…while I think she can have a very nice college experience there, cost is an issue which might prevent us from attending even if she is accepted…

WOW…My Daughter got a nice CONGRATULATIONS large white envelope in the mail today confirming her ACCEPTANCE but also offering a $17,000 Merit Scholarship…this makes Salve a definite possibility, although there are still 5 colleges to hear from…

@POPS4RYAN, congrats to your DD!! Does that 17K make it anywhere near state tuition? We are going to visit during Spring Break but fear even with merit will be cost prohibitive!

We don’t live too far away and often spend weekends in Newport during the off-season. My D’s best friend is a sophomore there and I’m friends with a graduate from the 90s. I did spend a weekend on campus for guidance counselors and other professionals who work with high school aged students. The dorm we stayed in was cute with sleeping loft. My D said that isn’t what most look like though. The admissions center is on a cliff overlooking the bay. Absolutely gorgeous.

The school is pretty spread out, not a contained campus. The town is within walking distance (and Ubers are everywhere) and is a nice walking/shopping/eating town with ocean and bay views and lots of marinas and sailboats. Everything on the water side of the street is $$$. The further you get away the less $$ everything becomes obv. There is a nice state park, a small casino, two cinemas…

We went to the Firehouse for a NYE comedy show. The place was BYOB and only $20. I highly recommend it to anyone who is in Newport for a few nights, lots of fun.

As for the beaches, IMHO, they are just mediocre. Much nicer beaches 1/2 hour away. Great place for sunset cruises and that sort of thing though.

tpcrd66 - Looking at estimated tuition, room, and board only (too complicated for me to add-in all the myriad of miscellaneous costs each college adds on), Salve’s scholarship to my daughter has been the most generous out of all the schools accepting her to date and in our case, brings Salve’s estimated costs only a few thousand higher than URI (which was not as generous as Salve and disappointingly lower than what they gave to my URI alumnus son in 2011). Hope that helps. Still 5 college to hear from so no decisions yet but I am surprised that Salve is actually a viable possibility at this point in time…

@NEPatsGirl Thanks for your reply! We are going to visit during Spring Break for sure. We made a reservation at Marriott Courtyard. No show on weeknights in April at Firehouse. Any other favorite restaurants?! Good luck to the Patriots on Sunday (and that’s from a NY Giants Fan)! :slight_smile:

@POPS4RYAN Thanks for you reply…very helpful and leads me to believe that if DD can earn some merit money Salve may be in the same ballpark as Rutgers. My next door neighbor in NJ goes to URI and loves it!! Keep us posted on your DD’s progress and hope Salve works for her. My coworker went there and played hockey. She loved it!! She transferred to Salve from BU and never wanted to leave.

@tpcrd66 Definately have a meal at the Brick Alley Pub, Annies for breakfast is very good and apparently the winery has a new farm-to-table restaurant that I haven’t tried but gets good reviews. If the weather is nice enough, bring your sneakers and do the Ocean Cliff Walk. Make sure you tour at least one mansion! And thanks for the luck…I think we can use all we can get. GO PATS!

@POPS4RYAN , I’m just going back through some of my threads. How are things progressing for your DD? Hoping Salve works out (if it is still one of her top choices)!

HI tpcrd66, thanks for asking…we are still waiting for 3 schools to respond to applications so we are in a holding pattern right now…but I am pleased to share that Salve definitely made an even bigger push for my OOS Daughter because after receiving the Merit Scholarship, Salve came through with additional funds via a Financial Aid Grant…this unexpected aggressive move made us eliminate two OTHER colleges off the list…based on COST alone, Salve has definitely come WAY down from their starting OOS tuition estimates…Salve remains one of the more likely places where my Daughter will attend college…

@POPS4RYAN, Hello!! I wanted to let you know we had a lovely visit to Salve!! The gentleman who did the Admissions presentation…unfortunately, I didn’t catch his name…was incredible. He was full of charisma and gave the students (and parents) some great insight into the college search process and ultimate selection. What an amazing school and Newport is just beautiful. My daughter really liked the school, however, this trip has sealed her decision that she wants to stay in NJ…which is fine (wonderful, in fact) by me! Has your daughter made her final decision?