"who" "whom" question..

<p>Hey guys, i was practicing sat the other day and i stumbled upon 2 questions regarding who and whom. I never understand them.. The questions are:</p>

<p>The supervisor (was advised) to give the assignment to (whomever) (he believed) had a strong sense of responsibility, and the courage (of) his conviction. (no error)</p>

<p>I chose no erro for this one because it "sounded good." which is not a good idea haha.</p>

<p>Next one is
The founder and, (for many years), the (guiding spirit) of the "Kenyon Review" is John Ransom, (who) you must know (as) an outstanding critic. (no error)</p>

<p>;for this one i changed who to whom for the same reason as above.</p>

<p>I dont have to answer with me so i cant check.. Hope you guys can help me out clarify the differences between who and whom.. Thanks</p>

<p>Who and whom are NOT tested on the SAT.</p>

<p>Marvin100 - really ? I didint know that.. But i would still like to know the differences haha</p>

<p>Okay, "whom" and "whomever" are objective pronoun case. In this sentence, since "who(m)ever" "had a strong sense of...", it acts as a subject of a clause, requiring "whoever".</p>