Who will be at Bama Bound for May 27th?

<p>Okay, Let me start: I will be at the May 27th Bama Bound with my son.</p>

<p>We are from New York.</p>

<p>Does anyone want to meet up while down there?</p>

<p>We'd love to meet you, but won't be attending the May 27 Bama Bound. On the other hand, both our kids are attending OA. Will you be dropping your son off then?</p>

<p>My son will be at the May 27th Bama Bound but he will be flying down by himself from CT.</p>

<p>our whole family is attending. daughter, who is the student, both parents and son, who is going to the sibling orientation. we would love to meet up with others attending.</p>

<p>Son and I will be attending, would love to do a meet-up, possibly Weds. night before?</p>

<p>my son and husband will be there if you want to meet up</p>

<p>D & I will be there; arriving Wednesday night. Not quite sure when yet, as I've been so distracted by graduation that I didn't realize that I was scheduled to work till 6. That would land us in T-town around 10pm. Trying to fix that :)</p>

<p>Son and I will be there, arriving Wednesday and staying at the Capstone. Thoughts about where you'd like to meet?</p>

<p>We will also be staying at the Capstone and will be arriving Wednesday.</p>

<p>Lets post more info as we get closer, if anyone wants cell phone numbers, please pm.</p>

<p>My son will be attending Outdoor Action, bit we will not be on campus till August 10/11. We want to be around for Week of Welcome activities.</p>

<p>We could try to meet up at the Capstone as that may be the most convenient place.</p>

<p>Also to Sabres1 if your son wants to connect with my son: pm facebook info.</p>

<p>We will be there too! Son and I will be. Daughter and husband were coming but daughter's final dates were changed....so we are still trying to decide about them. We will be staying at the Capstone also....we would love to meet you guys. We will be driving in on Wednesday afternoon.</p>

<p>Maybe we should think about meeting in the restaurant/bar area at a given time.....?</p>

<p>Sounds good to me. Whomever is familiar with the area should pick when and where. If some folks will be arriving later we need to get their cell numbers so we can let them know if we end up going somewhere else????</p>

<p>We could just meet in the restaurant/bar of the Capstone......</p>

<p>thoughts anyone?</p>

<p>CC students coming without a parent can come because it is a restaurant/bar</p>

<p>Just found out that one of my wonderful coworkers is going to switch work hours with me for Wednesday! That means that D & I should be able to join y'all since we will be in Tuscaloosa around 6:30 or so. Just loop us in!</p>

<p>So: shall we meet 6:45 - 7 ish in the restaurant/bar of the Capstone? For those not staying there, it is on the edge of campus and easy walking from other points on campus or you can catch the campus shuttle and the drivers can tell you where to get off. I can't remember the streets but its next door to the Paul Bryant museum.....</p>

<p>I'm not trying to impose on anyone so other ideas are certainly welcome but this might work for several of us ?</p>

<p>Yes, lets meet then</p>

<p>We will be there! Looking forward to it.....</p>

<p>We won't be there that session, but wanted to give tips to those meeting at Capstone and using GPS for directions. I put the Coliseum in my GPS, which is right across the street from Capstone. Got me back there every time during my wanderings when son and I went. The Capstone Hotel was not available on my GPS, Hertz Rental Car, so had to find a close landmark.</p>

<p>Have fun! We'll be at Capstone June 1 and 2 session, checking in night before.</p>