Who will be going to Tufts?

<p>Who here will be going to Tufts this fall?</p>

<p>I am not quite sure myself as I have been waitlisted at Princeton and Columbia, both of which I would really like to attend. But, tentatively, I expect to be with Tufts Class of 2009!</p>

<p>That's the same question i was wondering...</p>

<p>i got accepted into SMith, Wellesley, Trinity, and Wesleyan U.</p>

<p>How does Tufs stack with Weslyan U (besides the medical schoo) I'm entering for liberal arts ed., so would i be wasting my money$$ if i chose Tufts? </p>

<p>*I wanna know what you guys like about Tufts? -Thegreatgatsby, are you attending Tufts mostly be/c u were waitlisted from the other 2 schools?</p>

<p>What about Tufts vs. Emory? I'm tryin to decide between the two, unless I happen to get off the waitlists at Duke or WashU...</p>

<p><em>hoping for the best, but expecting the worse</em></p>

<p>I'm in a bind too - gotta choose btw Macalester, Carleton, Denison and Tufts. Which d'you reckon is better for the biological sciences, anyone?</p>

<p>It's just between Brandeis and Tufts for me.</p>

<p>lol at least you know you're going to Boston </p>

<p>for me, i gotta decide between Boston n Atlanta</p>

<p>I'm a current freshman at Tufts so I would love to help you guys and answer any questions you might have about the school. With Tufts vs. Northwestern, Emory, Carleton etc. these are all great schools and I really think you should visit both and ultimately decide where you see yourself. I think Tufts is a great school, a school on the rise, and its medium-size cross between a research university and liberal arts college is really appealing. Good Luck with your decisions!</p>

<p>That said, astrolax, is financial aid a big concern and did Brandeis give you a merit scholarship? While I think Tufts-Northwestern etc is a hard choice, I will go to bat big time for Tufts versus Brandeis. Tufts is closer and more accessible to Boston, it is more selective, it has a nicer campus, and most importantly, quality of life here is generally very high. Brandeis is not known for being a particularly fun place, and I have talked to students that have attested to that. In all facets, I just think Tufts would be a better choice for most people and you would enjoy the experience here more.</p>

<p>thanks very much.... damn this is gonna be a hard decision</p>

<p>Yes, fin aid is a pretty big deal and Brandeis gave me 33K/year.</p>

<p>I have generally heard that about Brandeis. That you stay for the people and not for the campus, food, etc. I feel like I would really enjoy Tufts, but I haven't visited and so I don't know too much about it. Thanks, though. I will definitely visit.</p>

<p>If money is an issue, I think that you should carefully consider your options. What did Tufts give you? If Tufts gave you nothing, then this is a no brainer: go to Brandeis. The education you get there is superb, and you still will be close to Boston. However, check out Tufts and see how you like it. Ultimately it's how you feel you'll do in four years that counts the most.</p>

<p>I'm deciding between Tufts, BC, Trinity (CT), American U Honors (27k/yr scholarship), GWU (18k/yr scholarship), and U of Florida (full ride). Any advice?</p>

<p>Tufts, or Johns Hopkins or Wesleyan?
whats the pro/cons?</p>

<p>Tufts hasn't given me anything yet because apparently they send out financial aid packages on Monday. I don't know what the delay is about.</p>

<p>70reve4rotag, depends on what you want. If you can't stand the Boston weather (actually I thought I was going to freeze too since I'm from CA, but within a few months months, I was walking outside with nothing heavy in the spring!) or just hate the city, then Tufts wouldn't be for you. BC would be the same as Tufts if you want a more conservative religious atmosphere, not to mention a gorgeous campus with gothic architecture. I wouldn't suggest american, trinity, or GWU if you have better schools to go to if you can afford a more prestigious institution. If you really would like to stay presumably close to home (assuming you live in FL), then a full ride to U of F would be the best option. There's no point in going to a great university if you'll end up hating it there - or if you think you will heh. Opinions change over time. You may just surprise yourself.</p>

<p>qtnkrbel - JHU is cutthroat competitive, especially in the sciences. You WILL suffer there along all the other students, but with institutions like JHU and Swarthmore, that is certainly to be expected. The universities will break you down, but what you come out with is a work ethic that you'll have never dreamed possible, possibly at the expense of your GPA however. Wesleyan is an extremely nurturing environment with excellent academics, but the drawbacks mainly focus on that there's nothing to do out in the middle of nowhere.</p>

<p>kj - what's your major and what do you do outside of classes/studying?</p>

<p>snuffles - thanks for your input.</p>

<p>any tufts students (or anyone, really) - do you know anyone who has taken a year off (gap year) before or during college? what did they do during that year? what was their experience like when they returned in terms of transitioning (back) into college life?</p>

<p>My major is going to be History and Economics probably.
Outside of class I have a work-study job at Admissions, I am invloved with some community service programs of the Leonard Carmichael Society (Tufts umbrella community service organization. There are seriously so many community service opprtunities, alot more varied and more opportunities to work with poor/disadvantaged than if you go to a rural liberal arts school), and I also play on some intramural sports teams.</p>

<p>im trying to decide b/t tufts and nyu and i think im leaning towards tufts. im currently thinking premed, but i love nyc. any advice?</p>

<p>Im pretty sure that Im headed to Tufts next year...looking forward to it!</p>

<p>Ahh I said I would be going, but I just got accepted to Bowdoin, so now I'm not so sure. Anyone have an opinion? Tufts or Bowdoin?</p>

<p>I'm definitely going to Tufts next year. Wooo Boston.</p>