Who would you take back if possible?

<p>Who would you take back as president ?
5.Bush # 1
7.Status Quo " the W"</p>

<p>Clinton (though Truman wasn't so awful)</p>

<p>Out of those . . . probably Reagan. Tax cuts and market deregulation make me happy</p>

<p>FDR...he could win a war and work towards solving all the economic problems.</p>

<p>Teddy 4sho.</p>

<p>where's lincoln?</p>

<p>REAGAN. All the way. That man was the s**t.</p>

<p>I picked more "current presidents" because if I put on the list Lincoln or Washington , they would be a number one choice, we already now that they were excellent presidents.</p>

<p>Reagan </p>

<p>PS. My message is too short.</p>

<p>Clinton...I wouldn't choose either Lincoln or Washington if they were on the list.</p>

<p>Would Washington be able to run the US?</p>

<p>Clinton, definitely.</p>

<p>FDR is the last one I'd pick, the japanese internment camps are one of the worst decisions any president could have made. A huge blemish that really does overshadow most of his other accomplishments, at least in my opinion.</p>

<p>Clinton !</p>

<p>Fdr .</p>

<p>Teddy Roosevelt for just introducing the teddy bear.</p>

<p>Ya, I'm pretty sure Lincoln was a terrible president. In fact, many of those "great" presidents back in the day we're pretty pathetic. Adams, Jefferson, etc.</p>

<p>Clinton was probably one of the worst presidents ever. I don't see why so many people are nostalgic for him.</p>

<p>Clinton , being the worst president? , you went too far!</p>

<p>GinPA, you're kidding right?...</p>

<p>George Washington - he had bad teeth</p>