WHOA Ok i need help

i cant even get started on my college essays like absolutely nothing will come
i sit down and try and think even try just writting down words…but no words come…can someone help me w/ tips or point me in the right direction?!?

<p>Get someone who knows you well. Then you write down 10 qualities about yourself. Then your friend writes down 5. Go through them, and you and your friend alternate crossing things off until you are left with 3. Then with those 3 in mind, think of 5 people. These can be celebrities, family, friends, anyone. Then write down 5 issues you have, can be political, or really anything. Then write down 5 experiences. WIth the first 3 qualities in mind, pick one person, one issue, and one experience that ties in with the 3. Then go write spontaneously. Anything that comes into your head. Do that for like 3 pages. Read it, and add as many details as possible. Then go through, and find stuff you could potentially write an essay about.</p>

<p>no i have certain topics that i have to follow</p>

<p>i.e. The Philosopher Will Durant said, "education is a progressive study of our own ignorance." What do u hope your education will enable you to discover about your own ignorance. </p>

<p>i really like this prompt but for somereason i jus cant go ne where w/ it</p>

<p>nebody got ne tips beside what that other guy said cuz i kinda got lost</p>

<p>This is for Chapel Hill right? If you can't think of anything to write, then just do one of the other prompts. This one also seemed interesting at first to me, but nothing really comes to mind about what to write. O well...the other ones seem easier to me. Remember, you don't need great essays to get into Chapel Hill.</p>

<p>yeah, this is for Chapel Hill</p>