Whole Foods opening on campus?

<p>If the rumors are true, it appears as if Whole Foods is signing a lease agreement to open up on the ground floor of the new Square 54 development being built next to the Foggy Bottom Metro and GWU Hospital. Estimated opening, 1st quarter 2011. </p>

<p>West</a> End Flyer: Whole Foods negotiating Square 54 lease - Newsroom Blog - The GW Hatchet</p>

<p>I wonder how successful Whole Foods would be in the area. They have such high prices that sometimes, not even my parents can afford, let alone I as a college student. However, it would be nice to have such a market around!</p>

<p>Trader Joe's is the only centralized grocery in foggy bottom but it is not a full sized grocery so I imagine whole foods will do pretty well there for the west end/foggy bottom demographic, especially since it is right next to a metro stop as well.</p>

<p>There's a Safeway in the Watergate. It's a full sized grocery.</p>

<p>I've been to that Safeway before when I was in the neighborhood. It is alright for a quick snack/beverage but it is quite possibly the dirtiest and worst stocked Safeway I've ever been to. This is of course my biased opinion since I prefer to prepare all my meals myself but I like having a full sized grocery alternative to that Safeway. Check the yelp reviews:</p>

<p>Safeway</a> - Foggy Bottom - Washington, DC</p>

<p>S has been shopping there for a year; he hasn't gotten food poisoning & he hasn't lost weight. Since he's a picky eater, the poor variety probably doesn't bother him. Since the construction at Square 54 isn't scheduled to be done until early 2011, who knows how long before a grocery store actually opens there.</p>

<p>My daughter absolutely hates that Safeway. During the warmer months (April to November) there is a Farmers Market right off campus on Wednesdays from 3-7 that is a great place to get stuff.</p>

<p>FRESHFARM</a> Markets - Foggy Bottom, Washington, DC Farmers' Market</p>

<p>We also joined Costco, you can get there on the Metro.</p>

<p>The farmer's market sounds great if only S ate fruits & vegetables. He only eats them if forced to at home.</p>

<p>So funny, Shellfell!!!</p>

<p>this is good news, GWU is not the best food, and my D did not love the safeway, she had a hard time getting the time to go to whole foods and has some GS there so this will be good!</p>

<p>i'm pretty concerned about how D will eat while at GW. </p>

<p>she's a typical teen - carbs and fried stuff galore.<br>
it seems like she'll be surrounded by it at GW & that she'll have to really go out of her way to get to healthy foods?</p>

<p>also (i can't remember if i posted this already, sorry if i have), the $3,700 on the GWorld card doesn't seem like it'll go very far.
$3,400 for the year.
$340 per month - sounds fine for food for one person, but that's about
$11.00 per day... at DC prices?</p>

<p>crazy. </p>

<p>and cheap food is usually pretty bad for you.
the freshman 15 could turn into the freshman 50.</p>

<p>Yeah, but they are resourceful. My D kept oatmeal and fruit in the room and used her microwave. They do have a great salad/fruit bar at J-street. And you can take a 1-credit yoga/pilates/dance/etc course (which is a great deal!). But really if you like healthy food you need to work at it.</p>

<p>It's really more like 8 months actually on campus, not 10 months. S has not had trouble staying on the GWorld budget, but as already established, his eating habits arent' very good. Fortunately, being in DC, he walks alot & hasn't gained much weight (he was thin before he got to GW anyway).</p>

<p>Most college kids aren't breakfast eaters (they get up just in time to get to class).</p>

<p>Having said all that, it's not unusual for parents to have to add $ to GWorld account.</p>

<p>If you are really worried about stretching your food dollar, and your child is willing to eat at the campus venues that accept the campus dining dollars, then you can take advantage of their offer of a 100 dollar bonus for transferring 500 from colonial cash to campus dining dollars.</p>

<p>I hadn't even thought of the whole food ordeal! Oh my gosh... Around $15 a day? Crazy! Good point with the breakfast skipping truth, shellfell - I'd be that sort of kid haha..</p>

<p>musicmomz: Can you elaborate on the money transferring advantage?</p>

<p>It's a new program this year called the Dining Value Bonus Option. See Living</a> @ GW - The George Washington University. If you either deposit an extra $500 or transfer $500 from colonial cash to campus dining dollars you will receive $600 in campus dining credit. After the initial $500, you can deposit or transfer in increments of $100. Each time you will get a 20% boost in your deposit. The caveat: These are campus dining dollars and can't be used at outside restaurants/stores. You must use them at campus venues ( J Street, Duques, Pelham). Also, they cannot be rolled over to following year so you will lose them if you don't use them up by the end of the spring term. It will stretch your dining dollar, but only if those locations/menus work for you.</p>