Who's applying ED?

<p>Post what college and some stats!</p>

Stern ED
Top 5%</p>

<p>I'm applying ED to the Tish School of the Arts to the Recorded Music Program....</p>

<p>(I'm trying to get that application finished by the 1st!!! so much stuff do do!!)</p>

<p>my stats</p>

<p>-half asian (filipino)/ half white female; from public school in maryland</p>

<p>-3.75 uw GPA; 4.40 W GPA</p>

<p>-class rank
29th/350 uw top 10%
13th/350 w top 5%</p>

<li><p>SATs- 1200 (yeah they suck...)</p></li>
<li><p>4 AP classes... AP gov. 10th, AP Hist. 11th, AP calc & AP psych 12th</p></li>

<p>some activities
4 years varsity tennis captain 11th & 12th, 4 years orchestra, international student organization...</p>

<p>As far as the music part
- Interning at ESL Music (record label) in Washington D.C.
- Orchestra 8 years
- Guitar</p>

<p>umm thats about it....
I know I have no chance RD... but maybe theres some hope RD</p>

<p>I'm applying ED to Gallatin</p>

<p>1350 (took SATIIs Sat)
top 10% @ competitive public school
3.75 GPA (u/w) all honors classes, 6 APs (scores: Bio-5, Lang-4, US-4)</p>

<p>Some ECS: 14 yrs. of dance (lots of dance-related ECs), French Club Pres, plus more I don't feel like listing</p>

<p>I have no clue as to whether or not I can get in...but i guess there's still hope</p>

<p>Good luck to all...great to see such interest in my alma mater. Ahelk, get in touch with the athletic department if you actually plan to play tennis for NYU, athletic potential will increase your chances of getting in.</p>

<p>I am not applying ED because I would need a significant amount of financial aid to even go there.</p>


<p>I would say to apply ED if NYU is your first choice. Those who apply early and are accepted get much better financial aid by far than regular decision students, because they get first dibs on the scholarships the university is giving out. If you don't like the aid package, NYU will let you renege on your early decision promise to go if accepted..its the only way to opt out of ED commitments. Overall, if aid is a prime concern and NYU is your top choice...applying early is the smartest thing to do, since you will get more money out of it.</p>

<p>ED to Gallatin....I love that school!!! Good luck to you all. In December we can all get back on here and post our results <em>bites nails</em> until then I anxiously wait.</p>

<p>ED to Steinhardt (Music Business)</p>

<p>top 10%, 1380 SAT (hopefully this past October administration brings that higher)</p>


<p>NYU has a great music business program, and you seem to be a competitive applicant. Other things that will be significant will be your EC's, reccs, and the essay.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>I'm applying to Gallatin ED aswell
SAT 1330
GPA 3.5 unweighted
all AP and honors classes and a decent amount of extracuriculars
I have no idea whether or not I'll get in but I'm hoping too!</p>

<p>so i'm trying to decide to apply to stern or CAS..i don't think i have a chance at stern, but i really want to major in business and my only reason for going to NYU is to get into stern. I heard transfer rates are miniscule. Do you have any suggestions?</p>

<p>I thought that i might have a chance for stern, though becuase i did start my own online business and worked for another company as a market researcher. Do you think that's enough? My weighted gpa is 4.2 and u/w is about 3.9. I'm not sure how NYU calculates the gpa either. I also have a bunch of extra cirric's dealing with non-violence presentations around different schools and also my study abroad program with AFS.</p>


<p>Apply to Stern. It would be dumb to apply to CAS when that isn't what you want to do. Take the chance, and if you don't get in there are still tons of other quality business schools, and you would end up studying what you want to.</p>

<p>true dat. Thx, yo</p>

<p>Chiiburg...reading your post and a couple responses...all I have to say is "HUH???"</p>

<p>First off, where did you hear that Stern is somehow harder to get into than CAS if you are applying as a freshman??? (I'm assuming you are applying as freshman, if you're transferring Stern is then harder because its a lot smaller than CAS). Anyhow, for freshmen admissions Stern and CAS are just about equally difficult (of the 34,000 apps NYU gets, 20,000+ are to CAS, by the far the most), they have roughly the same average SATs and admit rates. I know this because I went to NYU and worked in the admissions office when I was a student there. Someone who doesn't get into Stern as a freshman is almost in all certainty not getting into CAS as a freshman, and vice versa. Transferring is a different story, but getting in as a transfer is harder than getting in as a freshman. Since transferring chances are based on the number of open seats (ie the number of people who leave) transferring to CAS is easier since its a larger school with more departments, room, and profs, and hence more flexibility to take new students than Stern.</p>

<p>The choice of CAS vs. Stern comes down to what type of education you want...a strict business regime in Stern vs. a flexible liberal arts education in CAS. I knew I wanted to work in the business world--I chose CAS, majored in philosophy, and I work in investment banking on Wall St. now (where there are many people from both CAS and Stern). The thing with a liberal arts education in CAS is that it prepares you for just about any career....e.g. history majors at NYU for the most part don't become historians, they likely go to the corporate world along with the b-school students. The issue of CAS vs. Stern is NOT what you want to do after college since if want to work on Wall St. you can do that from either school, but rather what type of education you want in your 4 years of college.</p>

<p>Best of luck!</p>

<p>-NYU class of '00</p>

<p>Im eding CAS
1240-prolly a 1300 in Nov
87uw hardest courseload</p>