Who's applying to Michigan?

<p>Who's plannin on applying to University of Michigan... and what are ur stats (EC's, GPA, SAT)</p>


<p>bumpin again... please reply</p>

<p>3.4 Unweighted. 1400 SAT(720 Math, 680 Verbal) 1420 Composite(720 Math, 700 Verbal) </p>

<p>More likely for me to be rejected than to be accepted I would think...</p>

<p>I think you have a good chance, especially if you live in Michigan.</p>

<p>I live in Washington DC, so no help there. I think the low GPA will most likely knock me out at the beginning.</p>

<p>Not necessarily, your SAT is still strong. Also, I believe UMich still uses rolling admissions, so try applying early as you can.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>I'm already in.</p>

<p>Tenacious J, what are your stats?
i'm 1320 (710 m, 610 v)
3.6 unweighted
out of state
lots of ec's</p>


<p>1460 (700V, 760M), 4.6W, 740 Math IIC, 700 Physics, 700 Writing, varied ECs no research. Waiting to hear.</p>

<p>bumpppppppp anyone else???</p>

<p>I applied
1240-retake in Nov around a 1300
SAT2s Writing:590 Math1c: 640 Retaking Writing in Dec, But Michigan doesn't look at them
87 uw in hardest courseload
Good EC's and etc</p>

<p>if you are out of state and not expected to be an athlete for Michigan I'd say get a 1350 or higher with about a 3.8+ gpa and even then you might not get in. Michigan is very large and therefore relies on numbers more then anything. It also operates on the rolling admissions basis therefore getting your application in very early will help. If you haven't sent in your application yet and you are out of state with less then a 1350 or even 1380 and have less then a 3.5 I'd say your chances ywould be diminshed greatly because there are kids who have already heard back from Michigan meaning that Michigan has already made decisions and is already informing people.</p>

<p>I applied several weeks ago
A friend of mine got in with a 1300 and a 3.8</p>

<p>I'm in California; 3.4 UW GPA, 1460 SAT (780M/680V). I have a few good ECs in which I am extremely committed. I haven't sent in my app yet...do you think i still have a good chance?</p>

<p>yes because that SAT is keeping you in the game silverstar. Your gpa is low but your SAT score is high enough I would assume to compensate for that lower gpa. If you are committed to a few E.C's it will help even though Michigan relies on numbers primarily due to its size and # of applicants they might give you that tip of the scale in the admitted pile.</p>

<p>Hey I'm not an admissions couselor and I don't sit there looking at your app and I don't make the decision. Assume that you would get in but I wouldn't guarantee anything as nothing in life ever is guaranteed</p>

<p>I was going to. . .but I wouldn't get any money, (out of state), so I had to let that desire go.</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>

<p>Does Michigan have priority deadline like some other state schools do?</p>