Who's Committed to Berkeley already?!

<p>I Just submitted my SIR!</p>


<p>Hurry and create your official Berkeley email address!</p>

<p>I can't yet, I'm a spring admit and they wont let me do that til October! Psh, no facebook for me i guess lol?</p>

<p>I submitted mine last week! :D Going spring as well!</p>

<p>Edit: Well, hopefully I got into the FPF program.</p>

<p>I created my email address last year before CalSO and I was a spring admit.. definitely not October.</p>

<p>I submitted my SIR last week as well. :)</p>

<p>whats sir and what's frf?</p>

<p>SIR = Statement of Intent to Register</p>

<p>FPF = Fall Program for Freshmen</p>

<p>how do i get into FPF?</p>

<p>thx in advance</p>

<p>i submitted the SIR already, but how'd you create your berkeley email address already?!?</p>

<p>i think frf is only for spring admits</p>

<p>I am committed, but haven't submitted my SIR yet (Regent's Scholar).
Hi guys!</p>

<p>i submitted my SIR on monday. ur email address set up is on ur list of things to do on myberkeleyapp.</p>

<p>where exactly is it located ? (under the checklist?) i've been looking around and can't find it...</p>

<p>I Committed to Berkeley!</p>

<p>I cant find it under my checklist thing either....</p>

<p>Calmail shows up on your checklist a few days after your do the SIR</p>

<p>ah, i see. thanks!</p>

<p>committed. aw it takes a few days to get your login confirmed to get calmail?</p>

<p>I already sent my SIR, and I just activated my Cal mail.</p>