Who's In? Class of 2011

<p>Starting one off here. GCC may not be one of the College Confidential Top LAC's but it is one that has great interest for my son and our family now.</p>

<p>DS is in!!</p>

<p>Daughter is in and has mailed her check. She's already contacting others on facebook and is finally getting excited about college!
Anyone know if there is an accepted student weekend scheduled?</p>

<p>A previous poster I think Happylady??? Suggested there was one sched for April 20.</p>

<p>Just went back and looked at that post. Her son was accepted ED and she said he was registered to go to it.</p>

<p>Parents weekeend with a bunch of activities slated for May 4 and May 5. Neither my wife and I are able to make it. Nuts. I may have an opportunity to slip in quickly for one of the presentations....But most likley not.</p>