Who's ready for Move In tomorrow!?

<p>Just curious how many people are actually moving in tomorrow?</p>

<p>me! simpson hall !</p>

<p>I'll be setting up in Broward in a few hours!</p>

<p>Nice! I'll be a Gator-Aide for Beaty Towers! Hope to see you guys there!</p>

<p>moved into Jennings today. It went super smooooth.</p>

<p>Unloaded my stuff moved my dads truck and my car. Mom stayed setting up my room. I am ready to go. Exhausted but still went out. </p>

<p>This place in incredible. Why anyone would even question UF over FSU, UCF, Miami? Is beyond me.</p>

<p>Sitting in my room in Murphree Hall right now. I came in the evening around 7 PM and everything went very smooth. Hardly a line in the commons to get my swipe card and keys and no problem parking to unload.</p>