Who's still waiting?

<p>I'm started to freak out because I applied on the 27th of October and people who applied after me already heard back. Anyone have the same issue?</p>

<p>Yupp I haven't heard back and applied on the 22 of October. But for me, my app wasn't complete till the 8th of November.. So that may be why.</p>

<p>My app was COMPLETE on the 27th</p>

<p>App was complete Oct 7th. Top 10% - 3.8 gpa - 1690 sat. Still waiting :(</p>

<p>Mind if i ask what your stats were purple?</p>

<p>my friend didnt get a reply yet and he had SAT 1610 top 30%, gpa 3.4</p>

<p>He only heard from newark sas, not NB SAS or SOE</p>

<p>2.7 GPA weighted (my school doesnt look at uw); 1600.</p>

<p>What are my chances with a 2.7 and 1900 at NB Sas and Sebs</p>

<p>You'll get in!!! =)</p>

<p>my brother has a 3.7 W GPA and 1800+ on SATs
he applied to Engineering, SAS, and Newark CAS early in October and is still waiting.</p>

<p>I got accepted today to Rutgers Business Newark, still waiting on NB Business and SAS.</p>

<p>I applied Oct. 20th, they received all my materials on Oct. 27th.</p>

<p>Stats were 2.9W GPA and a 2060 SAT score.</p>

<p>I finished my app (like, all materials sent and everything) on 10/31, but I'm still waiting on a reply for pharmacy. I guess it's too early for me (plus I have low SATs for the program).</p>

<p>A friend of mine applied on the 31st of October</p>

<p>3.4 W GPA, 1610 SAT, Top 30%, Medium ECs</p>

<p>Only heard back from Newark SAS (admitted), but not Engineering or SAS NB</p>

<p>Hopefully he and all of you get in.</p>

<p>I applied on the last day for ED, and iirc i got in on the 8th. My UW is a 3.5 with AP courses at a top public school. </p>

<p>Apple, you'll get in.
Kiwis, you might get in depending on your activities due to your SAT score. My only doubt is in regards to your GPA, what is the max weighted at your school?</p>

<p>4.0 I believe</p>

<p>You should be able to get in, probably be a late acceptance, or a 2+2 acceptance.</p>

My grades suck but I'm indian [everyone at RU kinda is...]
and i did CRAZY community service every week since freshmen yr.
plus i live in NYC lol
thanks for boosting my confidence =)</p>

<p>uncharteredbp, you honestly think I will be able to get in? Ive been so nervous, that would be such a boost. And can you expand more on late "late acceptance"</p>

<p>my app was complete on or around nov 2nd and I'm still waiting (business school- NB) </p>

<p>4.4 GPA weighted, 2070 SAT, not that many EC activities though, a couple honor societies</p>

<p>Why is mine taking so long?</p>

<p>Kiwi: 2+2 is a program my friend got into. I think its 2 years at Newark, then your last 2 years at NB. Check the rutgers site or google 2+2 Rutgers. This is for Engineering, sorry if it doesn't pertain to you.</p>

<p>Apple: What I mean is, you won't be getting your acceptance letter anytime soon, maybe in December. I still think you have a chance at making it sometime this month. :)</p>

<p>Needs: A lot of people apply to business so they take a while.</p>

<p>app was completed on october 31st, accepted to newark business school and wait listed on SAS in NB, just want to know if i got in or not</p>