Who's takin the ACT this Saturday?

<p>Are you guys ready? You cant really study for the ACT....I feel that i am prepared...hopefully i get that 32...</p>

<p>Right here.. I'm also aiming for a score around yours.
Let's own this thing.</p>

<p>im not gonna show up if i did well on the SAT... im done with testing if i got over a 1450</p>

<p>I'm taking it too... I hope it goes well, or I'm going to be very disappointed! I do have a 33 already, which I'm happy about, but I know that I can still do better! The only thing is that I'm worried about the Science (for some reason that's my worst one) and I guess I'm kind of worried about the math too, since I haven't had it for awhile. But I don't have school Th. or Fri., so hopefully I'll get some good practice in! Good luck everyone!</p>

<p>I took the ACT twice. The first score was a 28 with 32/27/31/23 subscores (Eng/Math/Reading/Science). Over the summer I did look at an ACT prep book to raise my score and spent the least time on the science section. When I took it again in September I forgot most of the math formulas for the probability/algebraic questions (oddly enough the trig/geometry is easier for me), but my math score raised 1pt, my English score went down 1pt (I have no idea how this happened, I thought it was really easy), my reading score went up to a 34, and my science score jumped up to a 34. Why did mention this? Studying doesn't necessarily help as much as being comfortable. My recommendation for the science section is to get a quick idea of what the graphs/info is about by reading the first few paragraphs quickly, and to go straight to the questions so you know what you're looking for. The science section is mostly a test against time, it seems, so if you try and comprehend everything on every page you're going to end up in a panic. Also, it helps if you don't have really awful gas while taking the test. :)</p>

<p>I'm taking it this saturday. My realistic goal is a 32, although, i'd really like a 34.</p>

<p>Im taking the act this saturday and it's my first time. I didn't bother to study untill tonight, so im kinda scared. Every time I get a practice problem wrong I go crazy. :)</p>

<p>aiming for at elast a 32...
but just in case...i'm not going to use those free score reports...</p>