Whose prep book should I trust?

<p>I started off July studying a bit for the ACT from the "The Real ACT Prep Guide", by the company that writes the test (I think). Since it was on loan from the library, I had to return it, so I ordered another (The Princeton Review's guide book to the ACT) to study from while I waited for "The Real ACT Prep Guide" to make it's way back to me.</p>

<p>On "The Real ACT Prep Guide" practice test, I scored a 32 on English, and a 28 (just missed a 29) on math. (I ran out of time so I couldn't do the rest :(). When I took the English practice test in the PR's book, I got a 27. So, obviously, I am FREAKING OUT. I have no idea why my score dropped so much.</p>

<p>Should I just stick with the "The Real ACT Prep Guide", and ignore the other book since it's from the ACT test makers? I WAS supposed to take the ACT in September, but now I think I might want to wait. I want--no, NEED--to do well for many reasons. What should I do to prep?? Help! o.o</p>

<p>Trust the score you got in the red book. After all it is made by the creators of the ACT.</p>

<p>I've got the same problem...but my scores from Princeton Review were MUCH closer to the scores I got from a real,administered test.</p>

<p>Does anyone else know anything about this? (Why can't you edit a post on this forum? lol)</p>

<p>Right now Im using the PR book and the tips are really good.. albeit i have just started. Isimarie, are you actually reading the PR book or are you just taking its practice tests? If the latter, you should try actually going through it b/c maybe you have bad habits or strategies. It's not enough to take practice test after test. You need to really learn what to look for and to approach problems in a certain way that's quick and efficient.</p>

<p>I think their strategies are gimmicky and too time-consuming personally...But do you think the tests are closer to the real ACT then the ones in the Red Book?</p>

<p>Nothing is closer than the red book.</p>

<p>What I had planned was to take one of the practice tests in the red book, study the book, then take the second test to see if my scores rose any. But I had to return it before I could study much/test the second time. When I got the PR's version, my brother told me to use the same strategy (practice test, study, retest to watch score trend). I just started studying the PR's ACT book, though. I wan tot take the science and reading portions before I study those (before I re-test).</p>

<p>I finish the practice tests for English and Math about ten minutes before time was up, so pacing isn't my problem...I just don't know what's going on lol</p>

<p>If I'm not mistaken, the red book contains actual old ACT tests, so that score should be your true score. However, I think there is a margin of error on each of the subject tests of +/- 2 points. So maybe you were lucky on the red book and unlucky on the PR, which would mean if you took another test you'd probably score a 29-30.</p>