Why am I awful at chem?

<p>I just am. I am looking at a test we received on Thursday and I can't remember anything! At the time of learning the unit I would say I can do maybe about 60 percent of the things and I understand how to manipulate equation and so forth. A week later it's all new to me. I can't do a take home tests without using Yahoo answers, notes or a textbook. I realized that if this was at school I would get at most a C but mainly D's and F's on the test. I read the book, participate in class discussion, attentive during notes, but I cannot remember a thing!</p>

<p>I feel ya my friend, but maybe in a different way.</p>

<p>I sometimes feel as if I understand things really well, and I'm truly interested, and then when I get to the test I end up with a D. </p>

<p>My only advice is we just have to change the way we're doing things. Take notes differently. Read your book with a new perspective. Simply work harder, I suppose.</p>

<p>Best of luck, and I can sympathize.</p>

<p>my teacher says to keep doing practice problems. work harder, and put more effort. If you dont understand something, get help immediately.</p>

<p>don't just try to learn chemistry, try to understand chemistry. There are a lot of concepts that if you sit down and appreciate, will sink down much quicker than trying to force feed something down your mouth.</p>

<p>I also suggest Khan</a> Academy, which gives you an intuitive understanding towards chemistry, something I think that is largely ignored in the standardized way of teaching in the 21st century/.</p>