Why are all the biology buildings on the St. Paul campus?

<p>They all seem quite far away from the main campus and dinkytown and the stadium. I want to be taking my classes on the minneapolis campus.</p>

<p>CBS has facilities on both the St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses. A lot of their research is related to biotech, ecology, and agriculture and as such the Dean's office is located on St. Paul campus near CFANS. However, the MCB building near the AHC on East Bank houses genetics and biochem as well as the undergrad biology program office.</p>

<p>Which of your intended courses, specifically, are only available on St. Paul?</p>

<p>BTW, you shouldn't assume that your courses will be taught in the same buildings used to house the department and their research facilities. Classrooms are everywhere.</p>

<p>Thanks, I don't really know which classes I'll be taking yet, I only just got accepted.</p>