Why are asians shorter?

<p>I guess 3 inches is adequate :) I'm impressed.</p>

<p>I'm gonna say at least 4 just because of the curve and you don't want the guy just barely hitting it (course depends how the guy uses what he has). When a guy says it's larger than 7, not only do I shout BS, I think that's kinda scary and seems painful.</p>



<p>Thread has derailed. rofl</p>

<p>I don't think I've ever made a thread more awkward...SWEET!</p>

<p>asian dudes are totally happy about all this info though</p>

<p>They spend too much energy on math.</p>

<p>It's the rice. There's little nuitrition in rice.</p>

Is it just me, or are Asians in America taller than Asians in Asia? If so, does anyone know why?


<p>Because of nutrition. Genetics may not be the main cause. Asian diets won't promote growth nearly as much as western diets, but they are much healthier and will help one live a longer life.</p>

<p>Yao Ming?</p>

<p>Whan is asian and is about 6'2", I believe.</p>

<p>I believe you're excluding Punjab and entire Middle East. That's Asia too.</p>

<p>You guys must be kidding if you say asians are less successful. ;)</p>

<p>Well Koreans are pretty tall... I am 6foot but feel short in Seoul.</p>

<p>i feel like some people are making borderline racist comments here....</p>

<p>Asians are short because their big brains weigh them down (racist?)</p>

<p>Asians tend to be short sometimes for the same reasons that black people have dark hair, a lot of Irish have red hair, and the Dutch tend to be tall. Random genetic variation.</p>

<p>I'm an Asian guy and I'm 6'1".</p>