Why are my scores so bad?

<p>I by bad, I mean not even 1200 for Math and CR. I'm not a dumb person, I study hard and have a 3.8 gpa. I took an SAT course in the summer between my sophomore and junior year. I took the SATs for the first time in March and got the following scores:
Now, I barely prepped between the summer course and March. I know that's not a good idea, but I am a busy person and during the school year I focus on school. You can retake SATs but you can't redo your junior year in high school. Of course, I wasn't satisfied with my March scores. I couldn't take the May test, so I took it in June. I studied vocab lists and took about 3 practice tests in between them. (2 full ones and 1 just math and CR) Writing is my best and on one of the practices, I got only 2 multiple choice wrong. Even if I got a 0 on the essay, I would have gotten a score in the high 600s. On my last full length one, I was in the mid 1900s. I just got my June scores back and these are the results:
I don't know why I can't do well on these tests. I'm certainly taking the ACTs, but does anyone have any insight?</p>

<p>*The practice tests were from the college board book.</p>

<p>The length of the test is certainly annoying because you get drained by the end of it, but my only advice is slow down and read each question fully. You can make silly mistakes because you don't see the little tricks that the College Board throws into their questions.</p>

<p>On writing, make sure pronouns agree, make sure verb tense agrees, and make sure words are proper pluralized. Little things like that.</p>

<p>Just practice the SAT books 1 hour a day 4 days a week until October. If you want you can take the practice tests, I didn't, too boring. Build up a tolerance level. You can be as dumb as a rock and still get a minimum score of 2000 by doing this. Seriously, it isn't a hard test.</p>

<p>Best of Luck</p>

<p>Is there anyway to NOT get drained?</p>

<p>after taking a bunch of practice tests, it's not nearly as bad.</p>

<p>Eat almonds and chat with friends during the breaks on the day of the test to get undrained.</p>

<p>hey i have the EXACT problem as you...</p>

<p>Is English your second language?</p>

<p>I'd say just practice ALOT of practice tests from the Blue book in real test conditions regularly so your mind is used to the test. That's the only way you won't be alien to the test on the test day. And yes, try your best to not be nervous. Goodluck!</p>

<p>Continence, English is my first language.</p>