Why are October 2 SAT scores delayed?

Has anyone gotten scores?

@Summer1974 my S received his last Friday on the portal

my son’s says it’s delayed. Frustrating.

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D23 got her scores Friday. A portion of SAT scores are always delayed, typically about a week. We got lucky I suppose–it never happened to D21 or D23 but has happened to friends and CB website indicates it happens regularly. Hang in there!

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A vast majority of students receive scores on score release day. r/SAT has the typical mix of score reports (most) and delayed scores (some).

It doesn’t appear to be as widespread as the August test was.

Reasons range from late mail delivery to test integrity investigations to stuck on someone’s desk/under a folder/etc. Most are the latter. With 100k+ paper documents to receive and process, it’s just an unfortunate reality.

Students are reporting scores arriving every day. CB will just tell you to wait for about a week to 10 days. After that, they will open a case/investigation and theoretically have someone look into it.

I’d contact them if it hasn’t been received by late on Friday.

My D22’s School Day SAT score from her April 2021 test was delayed. Nobody from her HS got their scores until about a week after they started releasing them … it was very frustrating b/c she knew kids from other high schools who were getting their scores. They eventually showed up, but it was nerve wracking … particularly when these kids are waiting on pins and needles for release day only to find a big fat nothing.