Why are you applying ED/RD to princeton?

<p>We had this on the old board. I just want to keep this going.</p>

<p>Why out of the tens of top American schools, are you picking Princeton as your first choice, or as at least one of the top choices?</p>

<p>generous fin aid to int'l students
top in the field where I'm going to major
higher acceptance rate in ED</p>

<p>Gorgeous campus
Woody Woo
Access to cities
Undergrad focused
Great alumni connections/dedication</p>

<p>(those are just some of the things I love)</p>

<p>1.) Precept program/focus on undergrads
2.) Upperclassmen --> independent study
3.) Town is gorgeous (unlike New Haven)
4.) fin. aid is awesome
5.) History dept. is great
6.) It looks like Oxford
7.) I've never heard a bad thing about it.
8.) An advisor at Harvard (Kenndey School of Gov't) told me to go to Princeton--he said that it was stronger for undergrads.
9.) The campus feels like home...it seems so safe.
10.) You all might be going there ;)</p>

<p>aww so sweet! but yes, I really hope we do get to go and meet, you guys are so great.</p>

<p>Yeah it would be so nice to actually see some of these people next year</p>

<p>yeah. omg. that would be totally awesome.. i am sure at least a few ppl here will end up going to princeton... ;)</p>

<p>Hard to think about any of us not going...it'll be like a game of roulette between Dec. 13 and 18 (or so), when the letters are in the mail...each of us posting a reply, the rest of us crossing our fingers...</p>

<p>Yea but we're talking about ALL of us going...now that would be niice</p>

<p>Everything. Specifically, the economics, politics, French, and international affairs departments; the diverse social opportunities; the beautiful campus (can't wait to go and see it with my own eyes); the location; the focus; and just the utter coolness of it.</p>

<p>I think the hardest thing is going to be other people finding out before I do. I usually get Princeton stuff later than other people (if getting the application is any indicator), so I think I'll probably get mine 1-2 days after the first arrivals. That's going to be quite difficult, my friends.</p>

<p>Me too (in KY)...I might get it the day before you, perhaps 2 at most.</p>

<p>I still have essays to finish..</p>

<p>i still have essays to start</p>

<p>I have to harass my teachers! How do you do that gently?</p>

<p>About getting recs in? Or about starting new ones for other schools?</p>

<p>the princeton recs
i casually mentioned something today and she sounded like she didn't even look at it yet...she was like "what? the common app?" NOOOO</p>

Never a good thing....do you go to a huge school? Luckily my old school (soph.-jun. yrs) had 20 people in my grade, so the teachers I asked were good friends...</p>

<p>Don't be too shy about harrassing them...it'll be bad if 11/1 comes and no recs</p>

<p>no it's not a big school, but she's a popular teacher so I think a lot of people have asked her. And applying early is big at my school, so yea i understand she has a lot to do but she just seemed so unfazed. This is my life!! </p>

<p>I bet she's just bitter because she graduated from Harvard...</p>

<p>.... you're joking right?</p>

<p>about what?
why would I joke?</p>