Why Are You Applying Ed

<p>Forum where you post what made you decided to apply to columbia ED</p>

<p>I love Columbia! It has everything I want in a school. Location, prestige, amazing teachers, amazing students, perfect distance from home, great core (no math requirement!)... it's just perfect for me.</p>

<p>Same reasons, but also b/c Columbia was the only college that I really liked that I visited. It's nothing that I can explain, you just know, you know?</p>

<p>For me, Columbia has the mathematics program that I am looking for along with many music performance opportunities and a specific class for jazz improvization for classically trained musicians. Also, when I stayed on campus for a month this past summer, I loved the campus feel and being in the City. The campus was a real college campus in a place that really doesn't have much room for any sort of campus. I loved the professors I had and believe that because I am quite eccentric, Columbia is the right place for me.</p>

<p>The Dual Program where one can receive BS and BA in just 5 years, both from Columbia! I know it's a very competitive program..but heh, never hurts to try. Agree with the above posters...About one in only a few I actually liked to be in, not sure if the feeling from Columbia is vice versa, hehe.
C O R E - Cause I love literature just too much to go to some one-dimension engineering school <em>cough</em> Stevens <em>cough</em>. haha...no offense to anyone applying there. =)</p>

<p>YAY! Just noticed I'm a Junior Member!! LOL.</p>