why CC sucks

<p>haha, finally i got into U of R, but my last 2 weeks sucked because of this site as other people have heard that they got in, and this made me very nervous. had i never been on CC, i would have been relaxed those weeks!</p>

<p>oh well, rochester 2010! (possibly)</p>

<p>I've sworn off the boards fot the colleges I've applied to.</p>

<p>yeah.. and tha'ts not the only reason CC sucks.. i applied to stanford early and was silly enough to go to its forum and look at the 'why you will get accepted/rejected/deferred' thread. when u see 'will get rejected because i don't have enough national recognition', u seriously start doubting ur chances. </p>

<p>even when u realize that the only ppl that will post on that thread are the ones that are truly amazing and will probably get accepted, it's still a scary thought. thank god that's over with. </p>

<p>i don't go to forums of highly selective colleges anymore - they make me feel very inferior.</p>

<p>also when you look at "official decisions" threads at prestigious schools, often people with amazing stats are getting waitlisted and rejected</p>

<p>oh yeah! but then again, that's not only prestigious ones, either. i was looking at the 'accepted/rejected/waitlisted' thread from last year on this board and there was a guy with a 1460 and a lot of other decent stats who got waitlisted. i was really nervous for a couple days.</p>