Why Cornell?

<p>for those of you who never visited the campus to see the social/academic atmosphere, why did you choose Cornell? (other than: your brother/sister/mom/dad went there, you live 20 minutes away, etc. you get my point :))</p>

<p>Because they have a course called "Strategy in WWII". :)</p>

<p>Aside from the fact that they're one of the top vet schools in the country (as a veterinarian-to-be), I visited and... just fell in love with the atmosphere (modeled after England... for us Brits, it's a home away from home ;) ), the challenging level of the courses... I just felt very comfortable, and the opportunities are really awesome.</p>

<p>I visited, so I guess this doesn't apply to me, but I completely fell in love with the school. All of the departments are amazing and challenging, and like, I went through the course book and marked up the whole damm thing. I think I have more classes that I starred than classes left unstarred. Their archaeology department is amazing, as is their history department. Though I probably won't major in it, I love astrophysics, and wow, they're really the school to go to for astrophysics. Then, like I visited it, and just completely loved it. I stayed with a friend and had an amazing time, and then went on the tour and info session and met a ton of people that I became friendly with. I had lunch with one girl I met on the tour after, and we ate in a Cornell cafeteria and the food was awesome. They also make their own ice cream! I just loved the history of the place, the place itself, the atmosphere, the courses, the departments, the people, the dorms, ahhh I could go on and on forever. I just really love the school.</p>