Why did I get Freshmen Connection? Opinions?

<p>I was very disapointed to see I got in Freshmen Connection/Spring Semester. What's done is done, but I would really like to know why I didn't get normal admission. I know my SAT scores are not all that great, but I know several students who got in with worse scores, a lower GPA and no activities. </p>

From NJ
English Major
GPA- 3.9 unweighted, 4.5 weighted
SATs- 1100/1720
Senior and Junior Course Load- AP US History, AP Language and Comp., AP Literature, AP Calculus II, AP Microeconomics, Honors English III and IV, Honors Calc I, Honors Spanish III and IV, Honors Law, Honors Chem, Honors Physics, Psychology, Religion III and IV
Honors- Publication in Chicken Soup for the Soul book, Publication in NJ Creative Communications Anthologies, Jersey Girls State, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, Underclassmen Awards every year
Activities- NHS treasurer, Interact Club vice president, Varsity softball captain, yearbook and newspaper editor, Math peer tutor, write for my county newspaper, hold a part time job, and a long list of volunteer ventures</p>

<p>What do you think?</p>

<p>SATs most definitely. You have a supreme GPA but the scores are way below the averages. (Edit: I know you said other people have gotten in with lower scores but UMD is a numbers dominating school so its a crap-shoot.)</p>

<p>Your OOS and your GPA is way below average.</p>

<p>Not only being OOS, but being from NJ, who has the most OOS applicants for UMD...that combined w/ your SAT scores were probably the driving reason. (Your GPA is fine). In the past we've seen lots of NJ students with higher SAT scores not get any admission at all. I know this doesn't help you right now, but weigh your options (maybe take some requirements at a community college in the fall to save some $$ and get them out of the way). Good luck to you!</p>

<p>Cant' edit, but I met SAT.
Also, those with "lower stats" may have had better essays, or something that made them stand out.</p>

<p>Laurless... I know plenty of kids who were rejected from many "UMD type" schools with similar stats, and EC. Be proud of yourself for getting in!</p>