Why Did I Receive An Email From A Cornell Alumni?

Hi, so this may be really stupid, but I have no idea if this is real or what exactly this means. So, I applied to Cornell RD for CAS, and I just received two emails from a man who seems to live in my area. He told me he graduated from CAS in '77 and that admissions asked him to set up an informational session with me. He then gives me some dates and times to speak with him. Along with this, he gives me a phone number that has the same area code as mine, assuming he lives near my area, and what not. What exactly is this, and is this like, real? Is this an alumni interview? I don’t recall signing up for an alumni interview or seeing something regarding it. I’d appreciate if I could get a quick response explaining what this means.

Yes this is real. I had my alumni interview today.

Yep, that’s how the alumni meetings work. It’s an opportunity for you to ask questions and learn more about the university. It’s non evaluative but still a way to show interest in the university. It means nothing in terms of admission.