WHy did you choose NYU

<p>Why did you pick to come to NYU? I'm just wondering!</p>

<p>I personally wanted to go to a highly ranked university, I wanted it to be in a large community and have its own large feel to it (I dont know, I'm very anti-small university), and I wanted a liberal arts education, and their design programs for computers is pretty sweet. There's a lot of other reasons too but I want to hear all of yours.</p>

<p>Stern Business School - right in NY so lots of intern opportunities, Times Square, Broadway, a change from Ohio ( =P )</p>

<p>lol, i'm exactly the same: Stern, the large city, big university, the nightlife, and even the part about Ohio</p>

<p>Hey, new Sternies!! Doing finance? Welcome to the club! (We all love Stern for that, but truly all opportunities within Stern itself are great. Not to mention NYU as a whole). </p>

<p>Start thinking about orientation week. It'll be awesome! As for Broadway, the discounts from NYU are amazing! You'll love it here!! The only thing that sucks is the long line at NYU's Starbucks lol. So...</p>

<p>Welcome to NYU! And to whoever this applies, welcome to Stern!</p>

<p>Heh, no problem.... I hate coffee.</p>


<p>Hey, thanks! Can't wait to start next year!</p>

<p>Finance program is just awesome at Stern. There is no better place to do Finance than at NYC!!!!</p>

<p>Thanks! Looking forward to being a Sternie at NYU!!</p>

<p>Thanks I'm so excited to go to Stern :] we should have a CC Stern party</p>

<p>yeah hahahah</p>

<p>New York City (excluding Staten Island, I really do dislike that place).</p>

<p>cuz nyu is the shizzzzznit. haha</p>

<p>1 - Gallatin's individualized program, with an advisor. It's the only one I'd actually get to study what I want.
2 - NYU sends the most interns of any NYC school to Teen Vogue to intern. (my dream job.
3 - Duh. It's New York City. Fashion capital of the USA.
4 - Starbucks everywhere.
5 - YOGA CLUB!</p>

<p>siggh...i want to go now.</p>

<p>Well, I feel out of place - the Tisch girl with all these Sterns. =) </p>

<p>For me, picking NYU pretty much came down to the Tisch film program being on the East Coast. Since I live in rural NC, California isn't terribly do-able. The fact that I adore the city and would die to be near Broadway also might have factored in a bit.</p>

<p>Starbucks? Really?</p>

<p>You'll quickly grow to hate the ubiquity of Starbucks. They're just littered across the City landscape, and overcharge for everything.</p>

<p>My tip: find and frequent a locally run coffee shop. Afterall, Starbucks is nothing more than corporate giant who masks its true identity with a BS atmosphere.</p>

<p>speedyNYC- I live right above starbucks and it's great for convenience. you can use dining dollars there. yeah the lines suck, but you deal with it.</p>

<p>chose NYU cuz of the amazing reputation, its really kewl stats plus a friend of mine was there 4 years baq...and she had an amazing time....:-)</p>