Why do girls everything so seriously?!

<p>SO the other day i was talking about doing sports to get more fit infront of a girl. And so i was trying to invite her to do like the sport with me and then she flips out and accuses me of calling her fat....</p>

<p>Also, why are girls so mean to each other? Its disgusting to watch. They talk behind their friends' backs harshly to me. Seriously, guys dont want to hear that stuff. We want a nice girl. When guys are angry at their friends, we play some sports or poker and laugh it off.</p>

<p>it's definitely all that estrogen and bewbs</p>

<p>I don't get it either. They hold on to grudges for so long. Gossip about their friends. And ***** about everyone else. And they're so sensitive. So freaking sensitive.</p>

<p>generalizations, generalizations.</p>

<p>Yeah, generalizations. I know some moody men too</p>

<p>indeed. i know some extremely moody and attention-seeking men, much more so than i am.</p>

<p>^^^^ haha i remember being exactly like that in 7th & 8th grade. I went through so much drama.</p>

<p>Then ...I grew up. It was this one day in summer; I looked at myself and asked if all this was worth it - all the pain, tears, misery, and superficiality. Having enemies, not being happy, being a pushover and succumbing to peer pressure to please other people, and all this combined with a hard schoolwork = great stress, I decided I had to change. And I did.</p>

<p>I don't know why I was like that. I was fine in elementary school and everyone loved me as that cute, smart bubbly little girl but I guess things changed in middle school with new surroundings and new people with the fact that our bodies were changing in so many different ways. That is probably mainly why, and I don't think we could have helped it as that is an insecurity that just comes with being so: a teenager. </p>

<p>But I don't think it's necessarily only females because there is also a good amount of males who do this. Example: my dad. He is 47.</p>

<p>Yea when guys do it, I don't get it. I thought they were supposed to be the normal and sensible ones.</p>

<p>^That almost made me laugh...</p>

<p>Middle schoolers and some high schoolers are dramatic because they're in middle or high school. Not because they're male or female. </p>

<p>I wonder if there are gender based tendencies on rational thinking? I had thought not, but it seemed that everyone else here thought so... I'll google it.</p>

<p>hahaha, there definitely are not. that's ridiculous. this thread is just full of bitter boys that want to complain and make generalizations about the teenage girls they know. </p>

<p>obviously all perceived gender differences must be biological :p the genders aren't socialized to behave in distinct ways! preposterous!</p>

<p>Wait, girls exist?</p>

<p>Ugghhh...we already went over this. We are Soviet Union (the Soviet Union exists secretly...shhhh) spies...and the reason we hold grudges is b/c</p>

<p>if girl...she took our target
if guy...you are a hard target</p>


<p>okay but seriously: Generalizations!!!!!</p>

<p>"the genders aren't socialized to behave in distinct ways! preposterous!"</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure I can assume this is sarcastic...</p>

<p>Who would socialize their kid, regardless of gender, to be irrational? If females are less rational (I still don't think they are), it's biological, not social.</p>

<h2>Ah... ok, we need to eliminate the spies</h2>

<p>Generalizations that are common where I live, but not necessarily true for other areas.</p>

<h2>You can't eliminate us! You will get distracted by our curves and God-given gifts. (that sounded a bit awkward....) and our irrationality will always beat the rational male mind.</h2>

<p>generalizations make it easy to make fun of someone else's arguement (:</p>

<p>yes, it was sarcastic. i didn't mean that girls are socialized to be irrational, but rather that they are socialized to sometimes gossip viciously and be mean to one another. the notion that women are irrational is an old myth that is dying out but still has some blind adherents.</p>

<h2>We have the power of.... making an army of homosexual men! Take that!( I am NOT a homosexual btw)</h2>

<p>^^ That's true. I guess that's why I do it a lot.</p>

<h2>^^^We'll have those gay body builders we've been cloning fight you. </h2>

<p>I don't understand what's going on in this part of the post.</p>

<h2>Yep. Gay men will be our army.</h2>

<p>Talking about generalizations here.</p>

<p>Males are far more rational most definitely. Girls are just annoying and overtly dramatic. (Not all, but most, imo)</p>

<p>I once read this analogy that described the difference between the female and male brains. Females have a brain like spaghetti, so everything must clearly be related to something else. Even though most of the time, it isn't -_-</p>

<p>And a guy's brain function like boxes. So essentially every event occurs primarily independent of the other. So as a result, they can analyze things more rationally.</p>