Why do June SAT Scores Take So Long?

June scores are expected on July 11. Isn’t that way too late compared to other months?

My daughter’s theory is that the College Board has all those AP tests to score at about the same time.

It is 3.5 weeks longer than usual. We were thinking maybe due to the crowds of kids taking SAT II in Bio and Chem? Still, do they not have enough computers? I could see AP’s and the SAT essay taking longer when there are more tests, but the rest doesn’t make sense to me.

This late date has to do with the new SAT because just a couple years ago with the older SAT the June results would come after the normal 2 week wait period. So the APs and the subject tests did not seem to be a problem then. How come they are a problem now? My theory is that they are still “cooking” the SAT curves or whatever. Didn’t also the results come a bit late this May? I have no proof but I do not think the APs and the subject tests are the reason.

@am9799 I hadn’t thought of that, but I think you’re onto something. Apparently, there were many more alternate test forms/versions on June 2. Something similar happened last year too, but this year it seems much more prevalent (just from online student chatter). June 2017 there were at least a couple of versions that were rare that ended up being administered in fall 2017 to most test takers. I don’t know how often that was done in the old days, but it’s a little unnerving that perhaps the College Board is experimenting with live test takers doing a full official, paid-for test rather than experimental sections or study groups. It’s rather curious. If that’s the case, it would make sense that extra time would be necessary for curving - but it would also be extremely unusual, as ordinarily the “curve” is predetermined based on question difficulty, never after the administration.

It’s also interesting that apparently the main version for June had an easier reading section than those from Aug 2017 to May 2018. Those months saw a harder reading section than the practice tests, whereas apparently the main June version had a reading difficulty more consistent with the practice tests.

The July 11 score release date has been known for months according to the website. They also have the dates posted for next year (2018-2019) and the June 1, 2019 test shows scores will be released on July 10, 2019.

They do have all the dates out and now the waiting period depends on the test date. This is a new development as the SAT had a standard waiting period no matter the date taken or the number of the test takers. Now it seems that the popular test dates have a longer waiting period. My opinion is that they still working on the test. Ok maybe not “cooking” the curves but doing other type of analysis or whatever they do. And I am not sure why they do not release the SAT subjects early as those are not new.

I’ve heard that its because of AP testing. They have so much to grade that they can’t get to all of it on time.

We were surprised when the May results were out sooner than promised this past May. Seems they under promised and over delivered. Hoping they do the same for June – we keep checking.