Why do Middle school grades affect my high school transcript?

Hi everyone.
I was wondering why middle school grades were indicated on transcripts to start with if colleges don’t consider them. Grades I got in my 7th and 8th grade years are lowering my unweighted gpa (3.8), which minus the middle school grades would be a 3.95 uw gpa. I do realize a 3.8 GPA is a high achievement , and I’m in no way suggesting otherwise, but I want to know why this is, and which gpa universities will pay attention to. In addition I will ask the guidance at my school.
Thanks for your responses in advance.

That is school district decision to include high school level course taken in middle school as part of your GPA. Your guidance counselor should include that information in the school report when they send your transcripts . Colleges differ in how they calculate GPA. Some schools don’t even look at freshman year. I wouldn’t worry!

If they were high school level courses most schools will include them on your HS transcript. Our HS does the same thing and students/parents are made aware that will be the case. That said:
–I don’t’ imagine that any college will reject you solely based on grades you got in 7/8 grade.
–Many colleges recalculate GPAs based on their own formula.

–Don’t worry about things that are not in your control.

Our district doesn’t list any HS level classes taken in middle school. Everyone does it differently; as such, I’m sure colleges don’t put a lot of weight on them if they are reported.

Middle school grades are unlikely to be included on your high school transcript. However, they specifically class content form the base for high school learning. If you are lacking in math proficiency, you will most likely denied admission to higher level math classes. Knowledge is a prerequisite for future learning. Alternatively, if you are allowed to take a higher level class than your current level of skills and knowledge, you would find the class content very difficult and time consuming while you learn to apply mising content and the final grade could suffer. Remember you gotta walk before you can run.