Why do people apply to so many schools?

<p>I don't understand why people apply to more than three or four schools. I understand that you need options, but don't you have SOME idea where you want to go? Do you really need to apply to eight or ten schools? I'm just curious as to some of the reasons people give to applying at so many places. Maybe I'm a rare case, but I knew where I wanted to go, I knew I could afford it, & I knew I had the academic record for it.</p>

<p>*I knew where I wanted to go, I knew I could afford it, & I knew I had the academic record for it. *</p>

<p>In such cases, you don't have to apply to many places.</p>

<p>But, many students are reaching for top schools that have low acceptances....and some are hoping that a school or two will give them a great financial package. So, they need to apply to many.</p>

<p>Re: your other thread about suites and dorms. Have you looked at WVU's website under housing. You probably would find your answers there.</p>

<p>For any student, the T20s are (mostly) unpredictable. Student X could apply with stats lower than student Y and student Y gets in. Thus, any student applying a T20 needs to also apply to schools not in the T20. Schools in the T35 are all excellent choices for students considering the T20s. However, T35s are not always affordable due to less FA than T20s, so students also sometimes need financial safeties that they can afford. </p>

<p>The more top schools you apply to, the greater your chances are to get into at least one. Thus, it makes perfect sense to do so. </p>

<p>"I knew I had the academic record for it"
Almost every student who applies to the T20s has the academic record for it, and yet, these schools have acceptance rates from 7%-29%. So having the academic record is not sufficient for top schools.</p>

<p>I guess I understand that. But wouldn't you have a preference for one over the other? Or do you just want to go to a school because that's what it is- an Ivy school? </p>

<p>To WVU question: I have. They don't mention anything about suites other than they don't use the community style bathrooms. They didn't explain it at a visitation day I went to, either, but I forgot to ask then.</p>

<p>*WVU has the dorm option of single, double, or triple, which I understand uses community bathrooms. They also have single suite, double suite, triple suite, & quad suite. I know that suites share a bathroom, but I'm having a little trouble understanding a bit. Does a double suite have two rooms with four people with a conjoining bathroom? Or two rooms with two people with a conjoining bathroom? Is a dorm with a community bathroom or suite style better for acclimating? *</p>

<p>From the WVU website:</p>

<p>*WVU owns eleven residence halls and leases space in two additional halls on the downtown and Evansdale campuses offering both coed and single-sex housing in single, double, triple, and suite rooms. *</p>

<p>So, it looks like there are "standard dorms" that use community bathrooms that are singles, doubles, or triples.</p>

<p>Then, they also have suites that come in at least 2 styles - one Suite style has 2 student sharing a bedroom and they have their own private bathroom. </p>

<p>And, another Suite style has 2 bedrooms (each bedroom has 2 kids in it) and there's a bathroom that the 4 kids share. In some pics, the bathroom appears to be between the 2 bedrooms, but in other pics, it looks like there may be another suites floorplan style. Maybe there is a 3rd style, not sure.</p>

<p>Housing</a> & Residential Education | Fieldcrest</p>

<p>If you look at the scrolling pics in the above link, I think you'll see how their suites are. </p>

<p>In one of the pics, it looks like the bathroom is between the 2 completely separate bedrooms (I'm familiar with that style). And in another pic, it appears that the 2 bedrooms open up to each other and then there's a bathroom which the 4 kids have access to.</p>

<p>Here's a link to their honors hall
Housing</a> & Residential Education | Honors Hall. </p>

<p>If you look at the various hall links, read the descriptions and look at the scrolling pics, you should be able to figure out what's what.</p>