why do people go through 12 years of schooling?

<p>it seems like an arbitrary social construct. it's entirely possible that students would do almost as well in 10 years. and spare the state lots of money.</p>

<p>ParaPundit:</a> Smaller Classes Help Smarter Kids More</p>

<p>finland students succeed, and they start two years later than americans</p>

<p>The parents need free child day-care.....</p>

<p>I'll end up spending 18 years in school if everything goes right.</p>

<p>we humans are the most inefficent "things" ever. Serioulsy how long does it take to program a computer etc? It takes us a min of 13 years of education, and then 4 years of college etc. dang we suck lol.</p>

<p>^ hmm good point....it does take us longer to learn things because we don't have set functions. we have to learn more things in more ways.</p>

<p>do 2 years of preschool and kindergarden count?</p>