Why do people hate NYU?

<p>People seem to either really love it or really hate it. Why?</p>

<p>I'm assuming lots of people hate NYU because they picked the wrong school. If you do not <em>love</em> the city, you are <em>not</em> going to like NYU. Lots of high schoolers apply without realizing that NYU is nothing like a traditional college and only begin to realize this once they've already paid their first year tuition.</p>

<p>It goes beyond one's feelings for NYC. I went to NYU, which I hated, for undergrad, and Columbia, which I loved, for grad school.</p>

<p>I lived the idea of it but as I began to research more about the university I began to dislike it. The dorms look terrible, you don't have a real college experience with a secluded campus, I heard that it is filled with many hipsters, etc..</p>

<p>I'm the type of person who wants that college feeling and experience with a great campus. If I do get in hopefully my attitude will change.</p>

<p>Look at NYU's *freshman retention and overall graduation rates--probably as good of an indicator as there is. As far as the people who come on this thread to gripe, I think they fit the theory that people who are unhappy tend to go out of their way to share their unhappiness. And people who are happy and satisfied, well... they are usually too busy being happy and satisfied to hang around on CC posting. Though, there are a few. </p>

<p>*From USNRR : "...The average freshman retention rate, an indicator of student satisfaction, is 91.8 percent."</p>

<p>"4-year graduation rate 78%-High"</p>

<p>@Mango15 based on what you've written--I doubt that will be true. If you want a traditional college experience--NYU is not for you.</p>

<p>Mango you clearly should not be applying to NYU if your post is even half serious.</p>

<p>Excuse me? Is there something wrong with my post? I have written on countless forums speaking to current NYU students and 2 of them directly told me that it is full of hipsters and that they don't feel the college experience there. I can quote them if you wish. Do you have any input on this matter because I would love to hear it. One student even said that she is offered drugs while she walks to class. </p>

<p>I do not see anything wrong with my post based on the information that the students have provided me. </p>

<p>I applied to NYU because even though it would not provide me with the secluded college environment I yearn for, the opportunities available at NYU, whether it's their study abroad or internships opportunities, they are outstanding.</p>

<p>I have my reasons for applying, but I also have my reasons for thinking twice about where I want to spend the next four years of my life.</p>

<p>I doubt she was offered drugs...more than likely she would need to buy them first! ;) And what exactly is a hipster to you that they are so threatening? In all seriousness, though, nobody is doubting that there are hipsters and drugs in NYC...but it seems pretty obvious that you seem uncomfortable with an urban environment that includes them. NYU is probably not a good fit at all for you.</p>

<p>I apologize. Eljamas seemed to imply my reasons my disliking NYU are invalid, even though they were my personal opinions.</p>

<p>This post really isn't about me. I've already established that NYU isn't a good fit for me, and I was just trying to answer the OP's question, not convince others to dislike it with me.</p>

<p>Sorry for the sidetrack, shimmer.</p>

<p>The four years will fly by in a flash. Choose NYU if it offers you the education (it lasts) you want and you can tolerate the city; if not don't apply. The other issues are petty in comparison.</p>

<p>Um, I'm not questioning whether or not there are hipsters at NYU. I am questioning, however, your reasoning behind applying to NYU when you supposedly loathe hipsters.</p>

<p>Your twisting my words around. When did I EVER say that I loathe hipsters? Who do you think you are telling me where I should'nt apply? NYU was my number one and my dream school WHEN I FIRST APPLIED back in October and now after researching it more I've realized it isn't my ideal university, even though I would still be honored if I got in. I don't know why you are attacking me when all I stated was my opinion. Should I not apply to Boston college because it's full of Christians? An education is an education and I can apply wherever I want to.</p>

<p>At one time this was Wikipedia's definition of hipster:
Middle class and upper class young people associated with alternative culture, particularly alternative music, independent rock, alternative hip-hop, independent film and a lifestyle revolving around thrift store shopping, eating organic, locally grown, vegetarian, and/or vegan food, drinking local beer (or even brewing their own), listening to public radio, and riding fixed-gear bicycles.

So what's so bad about hipsters? :) I wouldn't expect NYU to be a particular mecca for them; to me it sounds more like Portland, OR, than NYC.</p>

<p>"Supposedly" is a key word in the sentence. It seems you've overlooked it.</p>

<p>You said you began to dislike NYU once you heard that there were a lot of hipsters. How on earth would this mean anything other than that you dislike hipsters? You are basing a dislike for a certain place upon the fact that hipsters are prevalent there. </p>

<p>Wow, looks like we have diverging opinions of "attacking". <em>This</em> is attacking?</p>

<p>Well, yeah. If you don't like Christians I would not recommend applying to BC. Sounds like common sense to me.</p>

<p>Also, please fill me in as to when I told you where you should or should not apply. Obviously you can apply wherever you want to but just about every single thing you've said about NYU ITT has been negative. Why are you taking a potential spot from somebody who would actually enjoy attending NYU? There is a pretty big distinction between telling somebody to not apply somewhere and asking why somebody is wasting his or her time and money applying to a school he or she doesn't seem to like.</p>

<p>I am a native New Yorker, and in my opinion, it is somewhat overrated. If it were in Idaho, few would think it is that great.</p>

<p>In my opinion, you are really paying just to be in New York City.</p>

<p>So you think it's because the location overhypes it // the atmosphere and experience isn't for everyone?</p>

<p>Hi I am a high school considering seriously to attend NYU. What have you guys got to say- should I still look into it?</p>

<p>Each person has different perspectives, needs and "likes" vs. "dislikes." NYU has been rated high as a "dream" school for many in the not so long ago past (I think it ranked #1 by the Princeton Review maybe 3-5 years ago?). It still is the dream school for many. I have heard of many students who love it at NYU. (And, of course, there are also those who really do not like being at NYU.) My S is one of the students who love being at NYU; he feels he has found his niche and he is so happy to be there mainly because of the learning and engagement opportunities through NYU in NYC. He does not want to replace NYU with any school, even the Ivy League uptown or Harvard in Boston. He loves the city and feels NYU is academically challenging for him in most classes.</p>

<p>I think you have to be comfortable with urban living and diversity (plenty of that). If you are into city life, there is no other city like NYC in the USA.</p>

<p>elnamo, I urge you and anyone else with a serious interest to visit the school, talk to students there and try to research more about the school and your intended major and its strength at NYU.</p>

<p>You stated you are seriously considering attending NYU. You must have your reasons for wanting to attend NYU. What are those? Do they mesh with what NYU actually has to offer to its students?</p>

<p>Personally, I love NYU and I wouldn't have gone anywhere else.
I turned down U Michigan, Emory, Duke and Cornell for NYU. Some people may think me crazy however, NYU did give me a nice scholarship and it is the best school anywhere for my main topic of study (philosophy). For politics it is very highly regarded as well; the same for psychology. </p>

<p>That said, Michigan and Duke didn't appeal to me because they had large sports team, frats, etc. and I didn't want a school that had the "traditional" sports, jocks, etc. </p>

<p>Emory was nice, but academically didn't make any sense (it isn't any good at philosophy). </p>

<p>And Cornell was in the middle of nowhere and also isn't as good academically as NYU. </p>

<p>All of that said, it wasn't just an academic choice. While it's true my primary concern was academics, I do love the lifestyle NYU provides. While I don't care if a college has "green things" and "open space" or not, I do care what kind of lifestyle it provides. NYU, to me, provides a better lifestyle.</p>