Why do people say that journalism is dying?

<p>yea newspapers are dying, but whoever said that journalism was strictly for newspapers? I mean to me it seems like the more advance technology becomes, the more options you have to communicate, and you will always need people to share news... I mean this is 2010</p>

<p>i think when people hear "journalism," they just think of newspaper... or, it could be that journalism MAJORS are dying away because they don't necessarily become successful journalists (i remember reading something about this... something like "journalism majors know how to write, but not what to write.")
iunno. imo, journalism is never going to die because it's in human nature to be nosy :D</p>

<p>journalism is dying, look at fox</p>

<p>I do agree with you, but I have heard some news about some publishers picking up SEO/content mills (think Seed, Demand Studios, etc.) to write certain sections for them. If you thought journalists were paid poorly, there are people willing to be paid $15 per article. I don't believe for one second that journalism will die, but it's a bit disheartening hearing about future prospects.</p>

<p>Journalism is not dying, but it will not be as profitable as it used to be. You probably won't be making as much money as a journalist who worked 30 years ago.</p>

<p>Only go into this field if you have a strong passion for it. Otherwise, look for another career path.</p>