Why do people self study for AP exams?

<p>I mean, obviously, for exams in which they have not taken a class for. I never knew you could even do this until the end of this year. My school has NO kids that take algebra 2 freshman year (and therefore nobody taking precalc soph, and AP calc junior) but one girl did, and took AP Calc AB junior year. She decided to do BC on her own senior year and the school gave her SO much difficulty. So I dont think I would ever actually attempt to.</p>

<p>So is it because you find it fun? You want to add onto your college app? Why dont you go to some extracurriculars or something..</p>

<p>Some universities are very generous with AP credit, so self study would make sense for someone who is either very good in a subjest or very interested.</p>

<p>Yes, I find studying for the AP exams as fun because I have a chance to study the subject I am interested in. Answer to your second question: Maybe, but it's not my original intent. </p>

<p>My school doesn't have many interesting extracurricular activities I would like to partake in. However, I am a member of some clubs.</p>

<p>I think self-studying allows me to broaden my horizons in subjects in which I'm interested. The AP exam is just motivation and guidelines for the studying.</p>

<p>College credit (even if it's just elective credit) doesn't hurt, either.</p>

<p>There's nothing like self-studying for an AP exam and getting a 5. Though I haven't exactly felt what it's like yet, I'll see in a week or so.</p>

<p>I self-study because my school offers virtually no AP classes and even those are of low quality; most of the AP classes I've taken have been online and the rest have been self-studied.</p>

<p>for fun. </p>

<p>Self-studying AP's gives you an excuse to not pull more than your share for a group project. It's ridiculous how people tell you the night before the project's due to help with a group project after you've done your share just because they've been procrastinating and they have other work to do.</p>

<p>As for why not to do some other extra-curricular, you could totally do other extra-curriculars. It's just that self-studying is so much more flexible whereas clubs only meet at certain times in the day.</p>

<p>Haha, the school gave so much difficulty. Sounds familiar. Just don't tell your school you're self-studying and find another school to write the exams. Get a good score and shove it in your school's face.</p>

<p>^Awesome post.</p>

<p>To answer the OP, most people self-study to get credits for college because they can handle more AP exams. It is also because people are interested in the subject matter that may not be offered at their school. I've never officially self-studied, but I've had some teachers that were less than the best. This forced me to study the material on my own in order to make sure I understood exactly what the writers of the AP exam wanted me to show that I know. When the time for the exams came, I was worried because it was basically on me in order to pass with a high enough score for those exams. However, so far I have been very successful on those exams which I had to study on my own with a lame teacher. I have one more exam that I basically self-studied that I'm waiting to see the score for. Hopefully I can mirror the results from last year's "self-study". As can be seen on CC, however, there are many who are able to self-study and get great results.</p>

<p>because if you pass the exam you get college credit. In other words, its like you took the class in college and passed it. If you don't have to take the class then that means you save time and money. I know people who have graduated in 3 years instead of 4 because they took so many ap classes. You could even graduate sooner if you took summer/winter classes and took lots of classes during fall and spring.</p>

<p>thats why its so important to take lots of ap exams and PASS them.</p>

<p>We use AP exams for High School and College Credit. High scoring AP's that have been self-studied look good on transcripts. (Homeschoolers do their own transcripts so the high AP score validates our level of schooling.) Homeschoolers self study because the classes are not readily available. Self-study saves time, example, you do not need a year long class to get a five on the AP Psychology Exam. You can find many posts of students who take the class from an unorganized, uninformed or ill-prepared teacher and either end up self studying/cramming at exam time or doing poorly on the exam. And the list goes on.</p>

<p>College Credit, Exceeding the available curriculum at your school to impress colleges, and some courses are actually interesting(I found statistics cool for me because i'm not a math person, and yet I could do amazing in the subject :D)
Don't forget college credit. Biggest factor for a lot of people(including me).</p>



<p>Me too! My school doesn't really have AP exams and doesn't even offer some of the subjects on AP list and has a quota for the number of subjects we can take. I currently take physics, math, economics, English and chemistry and that's the limit.</p>

<p>Well, I'm intending to self-study Calc BC, Chem, and European History next year because my school only offers IB, and that only to juniors and seniors; I don't want to waste sophomore year. Plus, I think self-studying APs will be useful in bypassing scheduling conflicts that would otherwise prevent me from taking IB classes I'm interested in.</p>

<p>I would not have time for self-study for AP exams. I'm in a few clubs and quite a few sports (that take the entire semester). So, I just take the class..</p>

<p>I'm self studying the AP exams because my school doesn't offer them. It'll show the colleges that you have a lot of perspective and that you can handle their course load. It shows them that you go over your limit.</p>

<p>I noticed that the people who self studied in my high school have no intention of learning the material, but instead are taking it to see if they can get lucky and get a 4-5. Essentially, they do not care about the class, only about what they can get and if it makes them look better to colleges.</p>

I noticed that the people who self studied in my high school have no intention of learning the material, but instead are taking it to see if they can get lucky and get a 4-5. Essentially, they do not care about the class, only about what they can get and if it makes them look better to colleges.


<p>Well, in my opinion, self-studying and getting a 4-5 without caring for the class is still better than taking a class and still getting a 3 on the AP.</p>

<p>However, in my case, I just self-studied since the course was not offered at my school, and I wanted to demonstrate an interest in my potential major to colleges.</p>