Why do some people get their acceptance so early?

<p>It says we will start receiving our notification in late may for summar transfer students, so how come some people got
their acceptance so early?</p>

<p>Thanks for answering my question</p>

<p>For the same reason that some kids get picked first for kickball during recess :)</p>

that's the truth. you'll see students with 3.9s/4.0s get in before the next year starts (jan) and all the -3.5s after feb</p>

<p>sunny09, she has only 3.3 GPA but got her acceptance as a summer transfer student yesterday. How come?</p>

<p>did she send in her stuff before you did?</p>

<p>The school says "late May" to give themselves some leeway. Students who get their acceptances earlier won't be complaining and when the other students phone in, UW can point to the line that says "late May."</p>

<p>Basically, it is to minimize complaints and make the school appear more efficient.</p>

<p>As to why Student A receives an acceptance sooner than Student B, who knows. Maybe Student A sent in the app sooner. Or maybe UW randomly picks apps out of a grabbag!</p>


<p>Are you out of state? Or maybe an international student? That might be why, maybe they start with those who have Washington residency first.</p>

<p>I applied mid-January. I sent in my transcripts early January.</p>

<p>And to clarify, I haven't received anything in the mail, but my unofficial transcript has loaded.</p>

<p>This is what I think: they look at applications that belong to in state cc students, then out of state, then from 4 year universities. From what I've read on UW websites, that is their order of priority. I'm from a 4 year university so they must be getting near the end of the application pile for Summer Quarter.</p>

<p>Thank you sunny09 for answering my question.
I am an international student transfering from an instate CC - highline CC. I applied 10 days before the deadline. My GPA is 3.7, not a 4.0 student, but I have a strong personal statement.
I hope I will receive my acceptance as soon as possible. </p>

<p>Thank you again</p>

<p>I believe sunny is right. They are going in order of priority. I am an in state cc transfer with an AAUCT and a 3.95 gpa and I JUST got my letters a few days ago. People started hearing back at the end of april.</p>

<p>i work in enrollment at a community college right now, and i know that i can't compare these situations exactly because we accept any student, but from my experience, it is usually first come first serve, we do our best to review applications of people that send in their applications sooner.</p>

<p>the web applications are processed faster than paper however (which is probably why all apps are sent by web to uw). my thought is that if you sent in your transcript early, then the people in admissions could file away your transcript (or make some folder for it) and then once you sent in your application, they already had a place for your transcript/other papers and could put together all your papers quicker</p>

<p>we sometimes do admissions in alphabetical order, so that might affect it, also it does seem logical that people with higher gpa's and that are instate are reviewed sooner.
It makes sense that someone said uw has to cover its bases by saying "late may", if they said just may then they would be getting a lot more phone calls sooner, and it seems like as soon as they are done reviewing, they send the information out, rather than just keeping them in a pile and letting everyone know at once.</p>

<p>i guess try not to over analyze things, i'm also anxiously awaiting for feedback from uw!!</p>