Why do we call people ignorant in politics?

<p>I am so tired of people calling me ignorant because I don't agree.</p>

<p>Why is that the 1st thing anyone says is that You are ignorant</p>

<p>No I am not, I am college educated, I am not anywhere near ss, I have lived in the rural south, I have lived in other countries, have family members with physical disabilities, have an inter-faith marriage, raised 3 kids, but OTHER POSTERS SAY I am ignorant</p>

<p>Am I the only one who is slammed because I want more from a candidate, than Yes we can?</p>

<p>Isn't it ignorance to not realize that the Congress and Senate also have a say in what will happen to our nation?</p>

<p>I am tired of posting my opinion, and than being told I just don't get it. No, I get it, but I am just not buying what is being sold.</p>

<p>Now back to my question, WHY DO PEOPLE CALL OTHER POSTERS IGNORANT?</p>

<p>Because it's a way of calling them stupid without getting the mods down on them. ;)</p>

<p>That, and the fact that often said posters can't legitimately debunk the objections being raised.</p>

<p>Calling names and other forms of rudeness are violations of the Terms of Service and are not allowed on CC. If anyone calls you or anyone else names, do not respond in kind. Please report the post and let the moderators deal with it.</p>

<p>First of all, I think it's a shame that there's any name-calling whatsoever. Your opinion should be valued and respected just like everyone else bulletandpima. How else do we learn unless we listen to differing voices? Calling someone 'ignorant' is a way to deflect intelligent conversion, IMHO of course.</p>

<p>because...it's easy, and it's a "sophisticated" way of saying you're stupid :P</p>

<p>Takes an Ignorant to see another Ignorant. :) They are just saying, hello. ;)</p>

<p>BTW, the IGnoble Awards are coming up. You should be in the amongst the best Igs in the world.</p>

<p>Any time a liberal throws around the word "ignorant", "bigot", "racist", or "homophobe", consider yourself victorious, and move on. Sometimes brow beating your opponents with mockery is easier than putting forth an intellectually viable argument.</p>

Sometimes brow beating your opponents with mockery is easier than putting forth an intellectually viable argument.


<p>says vyse, lol.</p>

<p>JK man--it's just that I love roust-a-bouting with random people online =D it's a great way to see differing points of view.</p>

<p>Pistols or swords!</p>

<p>In honesty, I thought the 2000 election was bad, I believe we haven't even seen the worse yet...everybody buckle your seatbelts this is going to be a bumpy ride :p</p>

<p>I get car sick real bad. I don't think anyone wants me to ride with them. I rather be thrown out of the ride rather be strapped in with a mandatory seatbeat. I have discovered that bleu cheese does calm my stomach on long car trips...doesn't necessarily mean that my other riders have fun. Who cut the cheese?</p>

<p>Vyse: Who said liberals are the only ones who do it? Last person to call me ignorant (well, actually, this was on a less-civilized discussion board, so they just called me out-and-out stupid) was when I pointed out that McCain could easily spend more money during his pregnancy than his so-called "tax-and spend liberal" opponents, despite all kinds of conservatives' opining the contrary. ;)</p>

McCain could easily spend more money during his pregnancy


<p>Ok I have to ask McCain's pregnancy? Please enlighten :)</p>

<p>1of42: Um...yeah....McCain- pregnant? Seriously, have you seen how old he is? He is waaaaay past menopause.</p>

<p>.........woooowww.... I actually cannot believe I wrote that. I guess that's what taking a break from studying pregnancy for your developmental psych class to post on CC does to you. :S</p>

<p>Even as a conservative, I will not support a McCain pregnancy in 2008.</p>

<p>Well maybe it would give him a softer side. ;)</p>

<p>Did somebody actually call you ignorant, or did they simply argue that your opinion wasn't based on facts? I mean, if somebody, say, expressed the opinion that the earth is flat, it might be rude to say that the person is ignorant. But what is the polite way to say that educated people realize that the earth isn't flat?</p>