Why do we wait so long to find out?

Not complaining, but really asking. I know UF and FSU get tons of applications but so do UCF and schools like Wisconsin, Texas, Maryland and Penn State. Any idea why we don’t have EA or what makes rolling admissions impossible for UF & FSU?

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They must have had trouble with the way they used to do it. When my kids were seniors in hs, UF (and many of the other state schools) had a 1st round and the application was due on Oct 16th (I remember that because we were in the application/FA meeting with the GCs and the apps were due the NEXT DAY!) and then they found out around Dec 15th. It wasn’t really EA, it was just the first round. The second round application was due around Jan 15 and I think they found out in March. Housing was a big reason people wanted to be in the first round, but I never knew anyone who didn’t get housing at all (maybe not the preferred).

That was in 2014. A lot of her friends went to Florida International, UNF, or the smaller state schools, and they all applied in the spring. Maybe that early round at UF (and UCF and FSU) may have been too rushed.

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You might be thinking of another school because UF has had the November 1 deadline and Mid-February decision date for a long time now. A quick scroll through the UF admissions fb to 2014 shows they had a Nov 1 deadline and nothing about December for early decisions.

Many state schools who have a higher acceptance rate use threshold admissions, so anyone with a GPA below ____ or a test score below ____ do not get accepted and vice versa for those with high GPA or test score. This system makes decision making quick, especially if they do not use holistic review.

UF looks at all pieces of an application and I have been told by my son’s counselor there are multiple people reviewing the application, so decisions take longer because they don’t use the threshold process. I believe they had to move the date from mid feb to late feb because application numbers have steadily increased.

It was for hs class of 2014, so applying in fall 2013. It was definitely Oct 16, 2013 as the application deadline, because I was sitting in a meeting on the 15th and couldn’t believe the GCs were giving us less than a day’s notice. Then there was another round, which was considered regular decision, in Jan with decisions in Feb or March. My nephew graduated from a different Florida school a few years before and also had very early acceptances to UCF, UF and USF, definitely in the fall. I remember him filling out RD applications for other schools on NYE and he already had acceptances to the Florida schools.

But I don’t know why they changed it.

@marchmom01 You are correct. For example, UT Austin, which the original posted mentioned, is required by state law to admit the top X% of students in Texas high schools. Last year it was the top 6%. And, those automatic admits accounted for 75% of the available slots.
So, you can see it would be pretty easy to do an EA in that scenario.

@twoinanddone It’s pretty clear you’ve confused UF for another school. I can’t post the direct link, but if you google UF’s official policies for Admissions for the 2013-2014 year, you’ll see they state they had the November 1st deadline and no other ED or EA deadlines. You can find all their official policies in their archived catalogs, which are available on their website.

If you continue to look back in their archives (again, public information) UF hasn’t had ED or EA admissions since at least 2011-2012 per their own website, and that they’ve had this November 1 deadline with decisions being released in February since at least this time. Try googling it yourself, search “UF undergraduate catalog 2011 2012 Admission Information for Freshmen”. If you get to UF’s “Previous Catalogs” page, go to 2010-2011 → Admissions → Information for freshmen.

So you must be thinking of another Florida school, because if you look at all these old admissions catalogs on UF’s website, it’s pretty clear they haven’t changed anything major in their admissions process in the last ten years.