Why do you like American University?

Hello, I’m currently a high school senior interested in applying to American University 2016. I have a couple questions, targeted mainly at students interested in Medicine or something along those lines. 1) Why did you choose American University? 2) What is the campus life like currently? 3) What do you enjoy the most about AU? 4) What science courses have you taken thus far? 5) Would you say that the courses prepare you well for the MCAT? 6) What is the AU community like? Friendly? Diverse?
Sorry if I have to many questions but just just want to have an insight into what AU has to offer.

I don’t attend AU yet, I start in the summer, but I believe if you want to go to school for medicine I don’t think AU is the school for you. When I was doing research into AU I found it was mostly a liberal arts school, the most popular major being international relations. In fact when I was looking at the course catalog and the majors they offer I don’t think I found anything relating to medicine accept biological studies. If your goal is in the medical field I would recommend looking at a few other schools.
Also your thread is under musical theater. not medical.

You are posting in the Musical Theatre majors forum, so you may not get as much information here about science an pre-med.