Why do YOU like Columbia?

<p>What's your favorite part of Columbia (or at least, what's the main reason why you applied?)</p>

<p>What's your least favorite part?</p>

<p>i love columbia because...
the philosopher's names inscribed on butler library
lit hum with 22 people
the west end
amazing food at ollie's
politics politics politics
the staircases in lerner hall
brian greene
the 1 and 9 trains
bridge over amsterdam ave</p>

<p>the main reason i applied is threefold:
i want to be a true new yorker
i want to be a true intellectual
i want to be a political activist
and columbia is the best place to become these things</p>

<p>my least favorite part is the great possibility that i may not get in... and i guess some very very minor things</p>

<p>What are some of the minor things contessa?</p>

<p>I love how the core gives you a new perspective on life and mankind. Plus it is in New York</p>

<p>I am a slut for Harlem and the Core. As well as discussion based classes.</p>

<p>because it's a college so venerable that its revered name is now being used by:</p>

<p>-the capital of the US
-clothing companies
-music industries
-recording companies
-a country in South America</p>

<p>who wouldn't want to go to such a college?</p>

<p>The people and the campus (city in a city) are my top 2 reasons.</p>

<p>oh you mean colombia... hmm
gl getting in heaven8</p>

<p>thank you</p>

<p>i wish you the best of lucks too</p>

<p>The name sounds pretty :)</p>

<p>seriously, soulofheaven. you hardly know a thing about columbia, and you'll never get in.</p>

<p>haha godis...soulofheaven's already in columbia...i'd watch what you say</p>

<p>LOL...so is godis.</p>

<p>since were all in maybe we should start a zebraman cult. lets meet this saturday 4pm JG 105. koleinu nostalgia is eating me up inside but its really just the beginning</p>