Why do YOU want to go to Upenn?

<p>i see so many people trying to rate their chances at ED?
but why do YOU want to go to Upenn?
list something specific.</p>

<p>aka you have nothing to say for the why penn essay?</p>

<p>hahah ya. sorry i could be more conspicuous about it</p>

<p>Many many reasons. And they're even more true once you get here.</p>

<p>I popped open a fortune cookie, and it said..."You are going to Penn." That's why.
No. I love the school. My friend goes there, he loves it. I love the idea of a Penn education, and the Penn atmosphere. Everybody loves Penn. Now, the only problem is whether they love us back. =/</p>

<p>lol hey flameball i love the "Penn atmosphere" too...now lets see how those 2 words give me the secret to this essay...</p>

<p>i think they're just trying to guess the probability you'd attend if you were accepted. everyone is so obsessive about yields nowadays.</p>

<p>in general, prestige=bad.</p>