Why does Medical School require higher GPA than Business School?

<p>I guess there is no point of arguing whether getting into a Business School or Medical School is harder in terms of academic accomplishment since everyone here knows that Medical courses (aka the "natural science" courses) are known to be the major GPA killers.</p>

<p>Even my cousins (one went to Berkeley, other went to Columbia) say business classes are really easy that other non-business major students WANT to take business courses just to raise their GPA.</p>

<p>And it is a universal fact that MCAT is THE HARDEST graduate school entrance exam (GMAT isn't comparable to MCAT in terms of its difficulty). </p>

<p>Yet, when I see the average GPA that admitted medical students get for the top medical schools (Johns Hopkins, Harvard, etc), they are mostly in the high range (3.8+). However, those in Business School were significanly lower with mostly under 3.6 (Harvard Business School GPA was just a lil over 3.6).</p>

<p>What's with the GPA deflation of the Business School Prospects?</p>

<p>Lemme wager a guess. Assuming you're talking about mba program, which i'm not sure u are, they usually look at work experience as a much bigger factor than undergrad grades. Anyone can get a's, but who can really succeed in the business climate? This is judged by work performance, therefore someone with a 3.4 gpa may not have "gotten a's" but they didn't do poorly and if they worked at a company for 3 years and proved they could do **** then it's clear they will be successful in the business world. Whereas you can't judge how well a doctor will be by past employment, all you have to go on are grades.</p>

<p>Medical schools in the United States are nearly completely controlled by the American Medical Association - and for 3 decades or more they have severely limited the supply of schools and thus american trained medical doctors - so obviously with a very limited supply of schools - and a very high demand for american trained doctors - they will have very high standards/</p>

<p>MBA schools are in very high supply -no monopoly situation there - so obviously far lower standards - except for the very best ones of course - but still far less than medical schools</p>