Why does Ursinus College have such a high acceptance rate?

Before touring Ursinus, I was initially very hesitant to even consider looking at the college since it has such a high acceptance rate. After touring and doing more research, the students seems to be rather involved and dedicated to academics. Though they have great scholarship offers, are close out of Philly, and have, what I presume, is a good reputation, I’m even more puzzled as to why their acceptance rate is still so high. Is it because they receive so few applicants?

Not as many applicants know about this small liberal arts college. Many find out about this school either because their guidance counselor believe they are a great fit and encourage them to apply or the “colleges that changed people lives” book.

I would give serious consideration to the CTCL schools, of which Ursinas is one. We’re particularly interested in Juniata and Allegheny College, also in Pennsylvania.