Why don't you make a category for St. Johns (QUEENS)?

<p>Pretty much self explanatory. </p>

<p>Not saying the College of Saint Benedict's is bad but from my POV, every single post in this category is for St. Johns in New york; mainly for the PharmD program. I even applied to this school through common app because i thought it was the one in New York...boy was i wrong (30 bucks gone). I'm sure everyone reading this right now is wondering about St. John's University and what people have to say about it. Everyone agree?</p>

<p>Yep. I was accepted to St. John's in New York and have some questions, but this is the closest forum. :/</p>


<p>What are your questions about STJ(Queens)? PM me if you like</p>

<p>What is student life like? Do people stay on campus or do they head into the city? I will be headed in from California, so I won't have a car and heading to the city if it is too far away could be problematic. Also, how is it viewed by other universities? I would like to head to grad school afterward, and I need to make sure I choose a solid undergrad.</p>

<p>how do i know if i got accepted to st. johns? do they mail you a letter or something ? i got a letter saying congratulations, but i do not think its an acceptance letter.</p>

<p>Good morning everyone. Due to several requests we have added a new forum for St. John's University in Queens, NY. Please use the link below and continue your discussions there. Thank you!</p>

<p>St</a>. John's University - College Confidential</p>