Why go here?

<p>What's so bad about Texas AM. I am between it and UT austin. I want to be fair in choosing betwwen them but I have this wierd feeling about this school. Besides the conservative, pregitous air and the fact that it is in the middle of no where. What could it be? Why should I go here?
It probably has a better bio program. Does it?
What are the pros of A&M</p>

<p>I am not sure what you mean by "prestigious air". I think A&M has one of the friendliest and least snobbish student bodies of any college I considered. Are you extremely liberal? I am a fairly conservative Democrat and have not had any problems with the more conservative population. As long as you don't mind the sight of Bush t shirts politics should not be a problem. College Station is just a regular college town. It probably doesn't have the "cultural atmosphere" of Austin, but the town and the students have a really great relationship and it's not too far from Houston or even Austin. You'll have to further explain the weird feeling you describe. Of course, if it desn't feel right then I can't recommend it for you. However, is the weird feeling a result of A&M or what you've heard about it? It's not a cult or anything that some people say. A&M is a really close nit community - it feels very small for 45,000 people. I can say I don't regret coming here at all. </p>

<p>Oh, I can't answer your bio question - I'm an engineer - but I'm sure you can find the rankings on USNews.</p>

<p>Sorry. I must have been typing to fast. I meant prejudice not prestigious. I heard it was really prejudice there. No one has really told me anything good about it despite what I research so I have this bad feeling in the back of my head about it. I'm gonna visit and see how it is tho. I have heard it feels small for 45,000 people.</p>