Why go to Michigan Tech for Computer Engineering?

Ok, so I’m just seeing if anyone has any opinions on this. Right now my first choice is Michigan Tech, but financially, I have a full tuition offer at University of Nebraska-Lincoln while at Tech (which is about 10k more expensive overall) I have the out-of-state cost with only a scholarship of 13,500 and a fafsa loan of 5,500 to help. I’m looking into options for getting more merit money to help, but it’s an uphill battle. My parents say that if we can decrease the COA to 20k per year, it’d be reasonable for us. Even so, UNL is at about 11k. I just need to make sure it’s worth it. I’m from Puerto Rico and the situation here is really screwed up, especially after hurricane Maria, and I know the next couple of years are going to be tough on my parents. The university here is practically dying and so I’m left with being OOS to everywhere in the mainland. It sucks.

My reasons for loving Michigan Tech: small school and low faculty to student ration, super awesome location (call me crazy but I really want the experience of living in what’s practically the equivalent of the North Pole for a tropical mango like me), engineering/technology-focused school, the outdoors!, the 4+1 bachelor’s + masters in cybersecurity or electrical engineering option, the safety of campus and surroundings, good academics overall, the enterprise program, german minor and study abroad opportunities available, lower cost of transportation than to nebraska for some personal reasons.

I don’t know, I haven’t been able to visit either school and won’t be able to until maybe mid-February.

welp, I just got notified that I got a full-tuition scholarship to Iowa State, I think I might just have to let Michigan Tech go.