Why Hopkins

<p>So, with only 4 more days before the decisions come out, I thought it would be interesting to talk a bit about why everyone is interested in Hopkins. Did you fall in love with the pre-med or did you love Baltimore? The campus? Perhaps you loved the meal plan lol. </p>

<p>(Something to get our minds off of Wed.)</p>

<p>i live in baltimore
my parents want me to go there
im aiming for the med school
and its a good school</p>

<p>-great real academic atmosphere
-not party dominated
-amazing research opportunities (natural and social sciences)
-the chance to study world class neuroscience and politics
-a challenge
-it felt right when i was there (all 5 times)
-close to home without being on top (3 hours)
-terrific graduate school placement
it goes on and on</p>

<p>not to mention the prospective class of 09 rocks!!!!!</p>

<p>OH ME ME ME IM CLASS OF 09!! haha hopefully</p>

<p>lol. i hope you make it in nguyen. but I want in too!</p>

<p>spiked soy ITS A COMPETITION IF UR IN I WONT BE SO I HOPE U DONT GET IN!! MUAHAHAHA lol!! sike well we all hope that we get in, its just im not sure becuase my test scores are low compared to everyone else, and.......im too impatient to wait till april to find out again</p>

<p>i loved jhu when i went there. An art museum on campus, cmon, how sweet is that. Im a prospective engineer and even i can appreciate it. Not to get off topic, but would that be a cool date. Girls, respond if you think that would be a cool date. To go to an art museum that is.</p>

<p>nice climbing wall too...
who's a climber out there at hopkins</p>

<p>Really enjoyed the campus tour
They have a kickass lacrosse team ;)
My mom works for them :o</p>

<li>Great public health program</li>
<li>Incredibly interesting people who are passionate about what they do</li>
<li>The campus has little bunny rabbits running around it</li>
<li>Baltimore is really an OK city- esp. if you're from rural Virginia!</li>
<li>The professors really friendly, and interested in their students. When I interviewed, I ran into one of my professors from PreCollege at the library (which, by the way, is pretty awesome too!) and she not only remembered me, but was truly happy that I had applied early decision and told me to take one of her classes next year.</li>
<li>Ryan, yes, the art museum is a great place for a date, especially the sculpture garden!</li>
<li>Sacrificet, the climbing wall is awesome. I'm working on conquering my fear of heights! And the rest of the gym is really nice too, they have all kinds of classes and lots of space. I spent so much time there this summer working out, doing yoga, and playing basketball with random people!</li>
<li>The meal plan is terrible but I know that I can survive it, and also where the best grocery stores and cheap restaurants are. It is an ABSOLUTE necessity to get a fridge. Otherwise, you <em>will</em> get scurvy. </li>
<li>And, finally, if we all get in, JHU 09 is going to be INCREDIBLE!</li>

<p>Good deal. Well if any of you girlies gets asked on a date to the sculpture garden next year, you'll know who its from.</p>

<p>ryan...an art MUSEUM for a date? i dont know about other girls, but uhh that doesnt sound very fun to me <em>yuck i hate art becuase im bad at it</em></p>

<p>im bad at art too, but i figured it might show my sensative side or something. Oh well, i guess it depends on the girl. But i suppose you are right, there might be more fun things to do in baltimore besides visit museums.</p>

<p>i'm applying to johns hopkins for many of the reasons already mentioned, but am dubious about the city of Baltimore itself.. isn't it ranked one of the nation's most dangerous cities? I've heard so many horror stories about it.</p>

<p>I believe its the fifth most dangerous city in the States. Oh btw, Baltimore also means the charm city... Odd ain't it?</p>

<p>Baltimore-heroin capital of the world.</p>

<p>The only parts really worth visiting is the inner harbor, and thats gets pretty dull too.</p>

<p>i heard that there's still plenty to do, regardless. not safe but not boring either.</p>

<p>it may be in the ghetto, sketchy areas of baltimore, but thats why hopkins is also one of the most secure colleges in the country... their security ppl are ridiculous. idk, as long as ppl are with you, i think youre pretty much safe.</p>

<p>i really liked the campus itself despite its surroundings.. the food is like, not food..its gross, uhmmmm... i just think its the perfect size. its not huge, but its not tiny either. and.. i liked every person i met, so thats cool</p>