Why HPU? Life Skills

Employers across the country are shouting loudly and clearly that they want new hires who are equipped with life skills.

While technical skills are important, today’s leading companies say they need people who are first and foremost coachable, know how to work in teams, communicate complex ideas, solve major problems and adapt quickly in a fast-paced world.

Enter the President’s Seminar on Life Skills for all freshmen, led by Dr. Nido Qubein. He is HPU’s president and a renowned entrepreneur and consultant to worldwide leaders.

As freshmen, students will begin Dr. Qubein’s weekly seminar as soon as they get to campus. Their first semester, Hillary will learn important principles on fiscal literacy, energy management, time management, leadership, delivering compelling presentations, and much more.

Organizations around the world from business, education, and healthcare have hired Dr. Qubein to professionally develop their employees and leaders. But, your student will gain four years of professional development during their HPU journey. HPU not only provides an extraordinary education but also prepares students for a life of success and significance. Let’s get started!

Apply Early Action by Nov. 15.