Why is CPP's 4 year/6 year graduation rate so low?

Hello everyone,

After taking a look at the graduation rate for CPP, according to US news, the 4 year graduation rate is 10%. I was really shocked by this number, not sure if it’s an error, or it was a lie, but it certainly brings to my attention. Even the 6 year graduation rate is only in the 50% range. Can anyone give me reasons why the graduation rate is so low? Thanks.

maybe people couldnt finish their engineering degrees and dropped out, as CPP is known for its engineering programs so that could be the reason. but yeah 10% seems really low.

CPP still has a lot of students who need remedial math/english when they arrive. That means more classes to complete. Also, many students work and don’t take a full load every semester. Lots of kids get ‘weeded out’ of STEM majors and have to re-focus after a year or two.

It is one of a few CSUs with a 4 year grad guarantee. If you work at it, you can certainly make it through. on time.

I was a transfer student and took all my courses I needed to transfer to Cal Poly Pomona. That took me three years in community college.

It took me 2 years to get out of Cal Poly Pomona, but I did not work and I pushed myself hard through some painful quarters. You can make it in 4 years, but it can be difficult for a STEM major (like I was). A large number of people are engineering majors, who take 5 years to graduate typically. Around junior/senior level, a good portion of engineering students find out that they can’t pass their classes, and they go off to do other degrees, which adds on a year or two. One of my friends would’ve graduated with me had he not been weeded out during my last quarter of college. He switched to Finance and has been making straight A’s.